Marine Engineer (Alexander Moore TikTok Profile)

by Anonymous

Skype Profile Picture

Skype Profile Picture

Lives in Asheville, Nc. Single father of two sons: Andrea (Christmas Birthday, 9 years old) and Harry (7). Divorced for 3 years. He caught wife cheating with his best friend. He has full custody of his sons who attend boarding school. He works for Amstel Oil in Asheville and works from home.

He has won a big contract that he has been working on for 2 months and has to go to Istanbul for 6 weeks. He is the head of his department and has two other colleagues from Turkey. He has his own cabin but the other two share. He feels that love is not for him but joined TikTok because he was bored.

He was born in NY, but when his dad left he was three, his mom (Aileen) moved back to Antigua. She passed away when he was 15 and he lived with his grandmother. He worked as a fisherman and other odd jobs to pay for his college. He went to Columbia University in NY and majored in Petroleum and Chemical Engineering.

I was skeptical the entire time. It seemed too good to be true. We video chatted on Skype one time and talked voice a few times. He has a Caribbean accent.

I kept going looking for scams and came across the Oil Rig Scam that was almost identical to what he was saying. Each time I questioned him he had the perfect response which kept me alert and skeptical.

He wasn’t allowed to video or talk on the phone (in the Black Sea) but he could text. Wednesday and Saturday he received supplies and Monday is the busiest. He was punctual and did everything at the same time. He texted as if English was not his first language. He was very detailed and texted in complete sentences.

When I started asking about the Oil Rig scam he said he had never heard of it. I copied and pasted the description and told him to look at the similarities. He said he saw that, but still
never heard of it. He was supposed to tell me some jokes because he claimed to be very funny. He ended most of his messages with right, lol, and Babe.

He didn’t tell any jokes. He claimed he had to start work earlier than usual due to an email and he was going to be very busy. He ended the conversation as usual (don’t stay up late before sleeping. Stay safe and healthy, take care and dream about us. Text me when you wake up in the morning).

I did an image search and found that the pictures belonged to a Pastor Marcus Rogers from Firehouse Church in Chicago. I sent Alexander (?) a text message that said Good Morning Pastor Marcus Rogers from Firehouse Church. I also attached the pictures from catfish which included his social media profile pictures and a picture with his wife. He read the message at 5:09 a.m. He never responded and I haven’t heard from him since.

I have blocked and deleted all areas of communication. He never asked me for anything. He said that he can take care of himself. He said that the most expensive thing that he ever bought for himself was a watch that cost more than his 2022 Black Dodge Ram truck. He said he also has an Equinox that he was going to trade for a Mercedes.

He was the Perfect person which was a red flag, but he always had a reason to comeback online. He had tattoos on his chest and arms which matched the tattoos that Rogers has. He has no siblings, so he says.

Beware, he is very charming. I did report this to TikTok and it is no longer there. Luckily I screenshot all the pictures. He only had 3 posts from July 12, 2023. He sent a video of himself on an airplane when he supposedly was leaving from Turkey. Little did he know that the video was dated on June 24, 2022. He claims to be 49 with a birthday on April 11.

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