Marco Bryan TECC Scam on WWF

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent People Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent People Used by African Scammers


Met one Marco Bryan on Words With Friends, username StayHomeSafeAgainstCorona (That's good!) he is an Italian and has a very heavy accent. He knows it. He doesn't talk too much about himself as, like all, he is focused on giving you the love. He declares it for you and that is how it is going to be with him. He has a 18 year old daughter called Melissa and her birthday is one May 8th. He changes the spelling of her name. He just makes that up to suit him so he can test you by asking for Amazon gift cards for her.

He doesn't say how old he is but his birthday is June 1st. He says he is from Italy and moved to Texas, he says he is an engineer but no more details. Works for a real company Techint Engineering and construction company. Lost his wife in a car accident when a taxi went over her car. Again, he can't say when.

He loves me and wants gift cards for Melissa, I say I don't know about them and he Googles where to get them;

Him: Though she likes shopping with her friend's bit this year won't be like the rest so she will have to adjust to some changes

Me: That is a shame babe

Him: Yeah..

Him: But there must be a way to make it up to her..

Him: Well since she likes shopping a lot
On her birthdays With her friends
So I was hoping she could do it indoors..

Me: Okay babe well she has to have some fun it is her last year as a teenager

Him: Yeah babe you are definitely right..

Him: So I was thinking of she could either shop online

Me: Hmm okay babe

Him: Okay

Him: So what about getting we get her a gift card for her birthday.. Huh

Him: That way she can absolutely shopping online..

Me: Okay babe but we gotta go out for that


Him: Well am going to get her an Amazon gift card

Him: And you babe what gift card are you going to get her too?

Me: Hmm babe I don't know if we have those it is American

Him: Okay babe I can actually tell you where to get them okay..

Me: Okay babe

Him: You can get it on a Walmart shop

Me: Babe their American too

Him: Okay I thought you are in Australia right.. Babe?

Me: I am babe

Him: Okay

Him: You can get it in Australia post Shop

Me: Hmm
okay babe I can send ******** out for it

Him: Okay

Him: Thanks babe

Him: Have you heard of kmart. It's a shop in Australia

Me: I know kmart

Him: Okay nice

Him: Is it close to you

Me: I don't think it is far babe

Him: Okay

Him: Well they also sell gift cards there too okay

Him: So have you been to kmart before..

Him: Babe..

Me: Okay babe what does Melissa need?

Him: Well it's a surprise okay

Him: We are going get her an Amazon gift card

Him: So she can use it shopping online okay babe She will be astonished by our birthday present for her..

Him: So it's between us okay

Me: Okay babe but what do I send ******* to get?

Him: Honey well if you don't mind can't you get it yourself wouldn't that be nice

Him: So in case of next time when you want to get them you can know how to get it.. Okay

Him: Hope you ain't upset for me asking you to get them your self babe..?

Me: No I'll have ******** do it babe

Him: Okay..

Him: You so sweet

Me: What ones do we get her babe

Him: Okay tell her to get you an Amazon gift card.. Okay

Him: An Amazon gift card..

Me: How much babe?

Him: Okay baby I don't really know but how much can you get her..?

Him: I don't know babe she uses them

Me: Okay

Him: Am going to get her $300 gift card

Him: But you can actually get her any amount you see fit okay

Me: Okay I'll make sure it is the same as yours babe

Him: Okay babe you so sweet..

Him: I love you so much..

Him: Am really a lucky man with you in my life am so grateful we found each other.. I love you babe..

Him: Hi babe are you still there..?

Me: Yes babe

Him: Okay nice

Him: So were you busy with something earlier babe..?

Me: Just work babe

Him: Okay..

Him: So babe when are you going to get yours?

Me: I'll send ******** out after school babe

Him: Okay.. Babe


Him: So how is ******** when is her birthday coming up..

On it goes, all the loving emojis are edited out. Gift cards for children are a test as to whether you'll pay for a bigger scam. Everything is a lie and there is no kid. He doesn't send pictures of himself but him and his daughter and they have been used before.

Email used;

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Nov 30, 2021
Another account for these pictures
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