Mannatech witness

by Pieter de Jongh
(Cape Town South Africa)

I started renovating my house three months ago, using a "bakkie builder" from Macassar in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Within the first day I discovered he was a Pastor in the local community, building to support his family and assist his local community working with him. I learned from his "distressed mood" and his absense one day that his wife was diagnosed with leukemia (blood cancer), going for chemo treatment that didn't fit with her system.

She was introduced to Mannatech by luck via one of her community members, and within 10 weeks of using it, the doctors are amazed / puzzled, and can't believe that bone marrow tests show normal red and white bloodcell counts......., no signs of cancer any more.

I know they are "real Christians" and believe it's not her time to go yet, and she can testify the success story of Mannatech working for her.

Like many other typical "pyramid schemes" if the product ain't worth it the scheme falls flat......
Seems like Mannatech is a valuable "additive" the way they sell it.

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Jan 03, 2017
by: Deborah

When I first used Mannatech for my osteoarthritis I couldn't pound one nail without excruciating pain and spasms in my hands for several days. Soon after I used the Ambrotose from Mannatech that changed. I repaired a roof and pounded 60 nail spikes without any pain. That speaks for itself'

Feb 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

Mannatech rock on.

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