Mannatech a scam

by J B

Mannatech, Incorporated, is a multinational firm engaged in multi-level marketing, research, development, and distribution of glyconutrients, the company's name for blends of sugars.

Mannatech has experienced periods of public scrutiny regarding the efficacy of its products, including a class-action lawsuit in 2005 and an attorney general investigation in 2007.

Mannatech is most widely known for Ambrotose, glyconutritional dietary supplement ingredient consisting of a blend of monosaccharides, or sugar molecules. The body cannot digest Ambrotose, as it lacks the enzymes needed. Prominent glycobiologist Dr Ronald Schnarr of Johns Hopkins told 20/20 in a June 1, 2007 interview, "All of the sugar building blocks that we need in our body are made from the most common foods we eat."

Dr Hudson Freeze, another leading glycobiologist said this about glyconutrients: "There are authentic, scientific studies that have looked at people drinking these kinds of materials, and it doesn't really do anything except increase flatulence.

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