Man with no name

by Ruthy

What im about to write on oil rig scammers is about a man calling himself. CLARK BERNARD. CLARKBERNARD63@GMAIL.COM. Also on the news feed the other name is POSITIVE NEWS ONLY. I was on the news feed reading about the war in Ukraine when I accepted a friend from the above name.

Yes I did really fall for this guy. I cannot get his face out of my mind, hook line and sinker. He said all the things a lady needs to hear. OMG how wrong was I. He lives in Colorado springs on his status on the news feed, male, complicated. His son Joshua and his wife died in child birth.

My heart was skipping a beat every minute of the day waiting for him to text every day and night I sent photos of me and he sent me two. I asked for more recent pics of him and the excuses was I can't we are not allowed on the rigs. His project was in Saudi Arabia offshore, self employed. He wanted to go to the garage to buy credit so he could ring me. I said no.

But his accountant got it first🤔🤔 but he asked again. I said no this was not adding up. I still see his picture in my mind of this man I fell for really.

You see is he the real CLARK BERNARD from Colorado Springs or has the scammer used this man in the picture im going put to my on.. watch out news readers

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