Male scam usually widows

by Anon



I have had a couple but recognise the patterns, usually widows with wife lost to cancer (to gain your sympathy) and they will try and get you off site. DO NOT e-mail them privately until after you have actually met them - if they are genuine they won’t mind if they are not genuine there are always excuses why they can’t meet you.

I use an old mobile phone with PAYG sim in if I give my number out not my personal one! I always check out their names on the internet and I always do reverse photo image as that brings up results on google or Tin Eye. You can also check out e-mail addresses as everything is on the internet 😁

I just had a guy that within 2 days his second photo I asked for came up. His name was michael fynn samuel and had an email address to match so easy to do and he wasn’t on POF but a female friend of his set it up so be careful out there as it’s a minefield.

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Jan 28, 2019
by: Anonymous

I too have done reverse photos and the first one I found in USA, although I am in the UK, but the second I couldnt find, but then the request for Itunes gave it away!

But totally agree always worth looking at!

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