Malcolm Roberts ExxonMobil Oil Rig Contractor Scam From WWF Part 1

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


This is an interesting one as they use love to prey on women I used money to bait them into who got to scam me. Malcolm Roberts is the name used on Words With Friends. Also his Hangouts account. He is in Kansas City Missouri and an oil rig engineer. He has no interest in playing the game and goes to Hangouts as soon as he can. He is a God fearing man who quotes the bible. He then says he is a petroleum engineer for the last 29 years, he will retire this year after he finishes his contract. He has a son and it changes to daughter, never mentions age or where, her name is Phoebe.

He then asks about money so I throw it at him. He is just daft as you will see;

Him: Do you earn allot yourself or just the one to cater for yourself.. like how much do you earn a month?

Me: (edit) so I pay myself each month but when the year ends if the company makes money I get a percentage of the profits

Him: Like how much is that?

Me: Most years a lot

Him: What amount exactly babe?

Me: It changes every year. I take ***

Him: How much did you get last year?

Me: ***

Him: Is it up to $50000?

(Edit out how daft he is)

Me: That is close to what I get each month

Him: Or less?

Me: No ***

Him: I want to know the exact amount babe?

Me: In two days we've made $115 million you can guess *** of that

Him: It's more than 50000 (I said he is daft)

Me: Yes

Him: Okay that's good

Me: I do not think you understand what I just told you

Him: How do you want our future to be like honey? I do understand

Me: No I do not think so. I gave you the numbers and you think 50,000

Him: (30 minute pause) know it's more than It Should be around $30 million dollars

Me: Well you trade petroleum and now you are getting close

Him: Yes I get up to that in a month Yours is just two days (He changes. On an oil rig he makes 30 mill a month? Oh come on our rubbish is flying!)

1 day later, things change on their end. A new man and the last, but emails are flying from Malcom Roberts. On the game, I am being messaged to block who I am talking too. The emails are saying the same.

Him: Are you there

Me: Hello what is going on?

Him: Nothing

Him: Just waiting here for you

Me: Your email?

Him: Nothing baby

Him: What email

Two men are messaging me at the same time. The one I am talking too is unaware of the other. A flurry of emails and chat invitations are sent to me. I'm talking to two different men.

Back to the other man on Hangouts chat. He has no idea about the emails from Malcom and is talking normally.

Me: Ooh my neighbor popped over she was bored so I made her a coffee

Him: How is she now??

Me: She went back home

Him: What email did you receive??

Me: Ooh I am confused. It says to ignore you and block you. What is happening?

Him: That’s not me

Him: I think someone is trying to hack my account

Me: Ooh okay. Why?

Him: I don’t know

Him: ****** don’t worry forget about that

Him: Someone has gain access to my account and he or she is trying to fool you to block me

Me: Why are they calling me babe?

Him: I don’t know that’s not me. I think it’s not safe here anymore

Me: They spell your name wrong and want my number

Him: Don’t reply them any more

Me: Okay I won't

Him: Don’t give out your number to anyone

Him: I will create another email so we can talk peacefully

Him: It’s not safe here anymore

Him: Who is that

Me: I don't know I thought it was you

Him: Did you give them your number?

Me: No I did not

Him: Forget about that

Him: I will create another email in the morning so we can talk there

Him: What the time over there

Him: I want to be with you all day

Me: 2:40 pm is this safe?

Him: Someone gain access to my account so it’s not safe here. I will create new one okay and don’t reply another text saying it me

Me: Okay I will not

Him: I have been thinking about you. My heart melt with you whenever am with you

Me: Ooh okay I am worried about you what a hacked account are my photos safe?

Him: Yes dear. They are all safe As well as mine Don’t worry okay

Me: Well I do they sent photos of you

Him: If someone asked me to describe you in just two words, I'd say "Simply Amazing.

Him: Oh **** this is getting act of hand

Him: ***** don’t reply try to be safe

Him: They’re trying to confuse you

Him: Let me see

Then a series of emails arrive from the same address I am chatting with! I respond once. I know what is happening


I think someone is messing with my Hangout reply me here or accept my request on my new Hangout

Me: Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Them: You're welcome! Baby block that person now!

Them: And reply me on this new Hangouts and also send me your phone number asap

Them: Baby you are talking to the wrong person OK ask him what is the Job i am going to by Monday, ask him what is it all about ..Block that
mail immediately and reply my request now (2 more images are attached)

Them: Hello

I do not accept the chat invite it's for Malcom. Back to the original email address used on Hangouts

Him: Okay am waiting

Him: They keep texting you??

Me: Well I just got an email from you at that address

Him: Hope you didn’t reply back?

Me: No now I am totally confused. I think you need a new email (I lied, I did respond once)

Him: Yes I think I do

Him: Can you send me a screenshot of what they told you

Me: Ooh gimme a minute

Him: Okay am waiting

Him: They keep texting you??

Me: Screenshot

Me: This is the one with pictures I am not giving my number out.

Me: Yes they are. What is going on? They are saying they're you what's happening?

Him: Oh **** that not me

Him: Don’t reply

Him: I repeat don’t reply okay

Me: Okay

Him: We were talking how can I logged out my email and we were talking here

Him: I was waiting for you here

Him: Don’t reply anymore more

Me: I'm not they keep sending them who is it?

Him: I don’t know

Him: I will try to found out about that in the morning am shock and surprise (I know you are!)

Me: ******* set this up for me and she said it was safe

Him: Yes it is *****

Him: Came down I will fix everything

Him: Let forget about that and move for now till morning

Me: It doesn't seem that way

Him: I know you most be so worried now ******

Him: I’m shocked but I will fix everything in the morning and get a new email

Me: How will I know it is you?

Him: We have been talking here so we will continue talking here

Him: Don’t reply any text from another person

Me: Well use this okay, but I don't trust it. You've been hacked, lost your password or something else

Him: I don’t know how someone manage to gain in my account

Him: Why are you so worried now

Me: Well I was talking with you and then all these emails, photos Hangouts invites and they look a lot like they are all from you

Him: They not me

Him: We started talking here

Him: So how I will write you with another email or another hangout without informing you

Him: I think you’re still talking with them

Me: Aah no I am not when I first saw them I thought it was you and replied

Him: No it’s not me

Him: What are you seem to be you’re busy

Me: They're still texting me. I can't block an email

Him: Don’t reply

Me: No I am not

Just like that, after all the emails and chatting, I am now talking to another man. Let's go back to chat.

Me: Aah I went to the game to play and I got a message with that other email too

Him: Saying what

Me: All your accounts are compromised

Him: Send it to me

Me: Contact you on that other email I am ignoring

Me: It says to block you. WTF?

Him: Who the hell is that

Him: They are trying to trick you

Him: Send me a screenshot (No one trusts anyone here!)

Me: I've no idea (Too right I do!)

Him: Are you talking to them

Me: No I ignored it

Him: Okay

Me: I think you have serious problems with more than your Hangouts

Him: Don’t worry about anything okay

Him: I’m fine here but I think someone is trying to access my hangout (No, you took this for yourself!)

Me: Okay I need to talk with ******** so I'll be gone for a bit. Your Words account is hacked too

Him: But they can’t

Me: They did

Him: Yes they did

Me: I'll come back later

Him: The person who is behind all this is close to me (No, you're the one mugging your mate)

Me: I'll only use this chat with you

Him: And I will find he or she

Him: Me as well

Him: No one but you

Me: Okay well I hope you can sort it out as it looks really bad

Him: And if I had a strange email I will confirm it before texting back ok ha

Him: Okay

Him: I will okay take good care of yourself

Me: Okay you too bye now

Him: Remember don’t text back

Him: Just here alone

Me: I am not

The next morning and pleasantries are exchanged as though nothing has happened. There is some mention of their Words account being gone. No, they blocked me! Finally I get this;

Him: Yes but was posted to Mexico

Him: I will be going to Gulf of Mexico

Him: Not Colorado

Him: But it’s okay I still have my job

Me: Oh okay I hope it is safe?

Him: The best part here is that this is my last job

Him: After this is complete and I will retire

Me: Well that will be nice

Him: I just want be with you after my contract is over

Him: I want you to be mine

Him: When I give you my time, I’m m giving you a portion of my life that I will never get back. Please don’t t make me regret it.

Me: Okay, why would I?

On that note this is the end of Part one. Criminals who scam from Africa claiming to be on oil rigs all say pretty much the same thing. That is;

It is my last contract

I am going to retire

I just want to be with you when I am finished.

Those are three of the best red flags you can get.

Emails used;

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