by Maria Utracka
(Canada, Ontario)

In July of 2017 I met a man who calls himself Antonio Jeffrey Gianni, said is born January 5, 1959 in Italia, living as he said in Stanhope Durham England, and who sent me pictures of his house that looks like from California USA, also a lots of pictures of himself and his son.

He said he is widower, and his son Jeffrey Alexis is going to boarding school in London born 15 of December 2005, on the end of July he said he is on contract in Turkey building stadion in Istanbul, he said that his account was broken into and his son has to go to Athen for trip in August2017, if I could help his son and send money to his guardian in London, 5000 pounds, he pressured me and cried to help, because I love children, so I told him that I have no money only visa, so he said will be ok and he will pay me everything back, so I sent.

I have his email with the address of the man. In August he said he is going to Ghana for his contract with the same company, but because of his account closed he needs 2000$, then another 2000$, then more and more money, all together over 15600$, that I took from visa, then he said that his company gave him gold and he can’t pay 30000$ for customs, and asked me to borrow more money and send to his friend in Turkey who will pay customs and gold ownership and when he sells the gold he will pay me back all the money.

He never did, and in the end of October he borrowed 850$ again, I told him these are money for my bills, and he said he will send me in 2 days when he gets home, then he said he will come to Canada to be with me and we will be happy, he called me his wife. In the beginning of October he said that his
son is in the hospital, and he can’t come here plus his account is still closed, so I paid ticket to England and wanted to go there, last day before my fly to London, he said he can’t pick me up because he has to go to turkey to get the gold, so I lost my ticket and money for medical on the top of everything.

On Nov 1, he sends me an email that he is sorry for everything and we will be together, he will come as soon as he sells the gold, but he never answered my emails, and never sent more emails. I asked him for the money, but he didn’t respond, his skype number is 62d74961090fc047 the emails he used were, the email is registered at Mountain View California, 2043 Ip #21658194133, he said is his sons email, then his other email when I checked was from Wayne, Pensylvania ant74208522 1SP1 & internet GA, his address said is 12a Bailey Durham DH1 3EE Dl132 2YS Stanhope, Durham,

When I checked on Google the house was different that he sent picture, he said his phone is 447418336494, but when I called it was not in service, he also sent me fraud passport and gold agreement, made by him, nothing that he said couldn’t be confirmed, and is why he is financial and matrimonial fraud and using women like me for money.

He was writing love letters, promised to marry me and be with me, but when I asked for a picture of his son in Hospital he never sent and also when I asked for picture of his son with his father he never sent too, also asked him for driver license.

I am on pension that is very small, and now have to pay almost 16000$ to the bank, and I have lots of his emails, skype conversation when he send addresses for money to be send, all the receipts all Police fraud department in, UK, France, Italy, USA and Canada

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