Lying, waste of time, Hawaiian shirt wearing retard

by Juzy

My partner and I had a kirby rep come to our door offering a free clean of either a carpet, hard floor or lounge for free!

(At the time i had a spare lounge in the garage that needed cleaning so that i could sell it and i was putting off from cleaning myself)

I instantly saw the opportunity so we both questioned him on how this was possibly free to make sure it was actually free. He just kept insisting that he would still be paid if we let him clean the couch so it didn't matter to him.
Unknowingly of the outcome i agreed for him to come into my garage only to clean the couch with no intention of buying the vacuum.

He said it would take no longer than 45 minutes and we arranged for him to come by tomorrow morning.

Sure enough come tomorrow morning theres a knock at the door, here he is so i open the garage for him and meet him in there. Here he comes with another man he calls his "boss" asking me of if a new girl can come and watch for learning purposes. So i agree, they pull a huge box and bag out of the car and ask where they can set up for the "demonstration" i was not informed about.
Apparently it had to be done inside the house and it would only take 30 minutes then they would clean the couch. They kept insisting i did not have to buy anything and they would not pressure me.

So we let them into the house where they start pulling endless parts and attachments from the box and proceeded to show us how amazing their product is.

They vacumed and cleaned various areas of our house shaming us and showing us how dirty it is.
This "demonstration" lasted 3 hours before they finally started on the couch. Still wanting this free clean i put up with the endless garbage he spoke.

Finally we moved to garage where he rang his "boss" to come talk to us. He arrives with two other men that also come into our garage.
We now have a total of 5 sales reps standing in our garage pressuring us into buying this vacuum.
My partner answered strongly no to all their offers then suddenly the price drops lower and lower every time she said no to them.

Now getting frustrated the boss leaves, leaving the reps here to clean the couch, finally.
While cleaning their constantly asking to use the toilet, for drinks and for cigarettes. I am becoming very uncomfortable and feeling violated.
My partner and i had plans for that day which we are very late to now we insist they leave. They tried to encourage us to go and leave them there to finish the couch.

(Yeah right you'd love that wouldn't you). We tell them again to leave, so they said they will come back tomorrow to finish the job at 3 oclock.
We inspect the job they had done so far on the couch. It was horrible, still dirty and weirdly hard as if it had dried soap on it or something.

Now tomorrow at 4 30 here they are. This time only two of the boys from yesterday get dropped off and the boss drives away. They begin to finish the couch. At this point my partner and i are completley over it and we sit in the lounge room and wait for them to finish.

They were constantly coming inside getting water, using the toilet, looking at
everything and asking creepy questions looking for information on when we wouldnt be home such as when we work or our plans.

They were in that garage apparently cleaning a couch for 3 hours before the boss comes back to see how its going. So we go in and question him on why the couch was hard and still dirty. He could not give us a straight answer and kept making excuses on their poor work.

He now tells us they have ran out of shampoo and he has to go get more and leaves again. So now they just sit there and wait for him to get back.
During this period i briefly leave to attend an errand where i witness the boss aimlessly driving around my neighborhood no more than a block from my house doing absolutely nothing. Once he notices me he starts driving like a maniac well exceeding the speed limit over takes me and flys off.

I return home where the job still isnt finished. We continue to wait till 8-30 that night when they finally claim to be finished. They then wait for the boss to pick them up, put the boxes in the car and take off without a word to us from the boss.

We inspect the couch which is half done and notice various items missing from our garage.
Coming in at a total of about 8 hours of my time wasted for a couch that looks worse than when they started and items stolen and the possibility of them coming back to case the house.

If i knew what i do now i never would of allowed these people into my home. I just really wanted that couch cleaned. Nothing is ever really free, so do not let these people in your home.

Heres some fun facts:
After they left the first day they carried their boxes down to the bosses car that was parked hiding just around the corner, that we drove past and witnessed when we left shortly after them.

I left twice in their 8 hours spent here and both times saw the boss driving around aimlessly wasting time. I also heard him drive past many times as his car had a distinctive exhaust on a v8.

They were all dressed in horrible cheap suit pants and shoes with dressshirts. The pants that they claimed to be taylored for them were way too big and they were stepping on the bottoms of them, and they wore them half down their backside.

The boss wore a filthy Hawaiian shirt with fluro green glasses and spikey jelled hair. Looked like someone straight out of s club 7 or hi 5.

Once we had said no to all their price offers and they realised they were not going to make a sale here and still had a job to do, their tone completely changed and they did everything they could to burden us.

Among alot of their small talk questions it came up that one of our cars were for sale. They took a huge intrest in this and kept talking about it saying they would buy it. The boss then tried to knock money off the price of the vacuum for the car.

Since looking up the actual value of these vacuums, these people are trying to sell them thousands above their retail price.

The boss had claimed to have traded cars, bikes and boats for these vacuums before.

Apparently spending 4 grand on this vacuum or swapping my car for it is going to save me money according to them.

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Aug 16, 2019
Super sketchy, weird, and unprofessional
by: Anonymous

A guy showed up at my front door telling me he’d get paid $20 to clean a tiny space of my choosing and that was it. I told him okay and he said he’d be right back. He showed up with a girl carrying a bunch of cleaning equipment, told me she’d be cleaning, and he left. She took her shoes and socks off, put on rap music, asked if I had a girlfriend (which I said yes to) and she told me she liked that and would be very flirtatious with me now which made me uncomfortable.

She burped often and kept asking weird questions like where my roommate was and how much my apartment was. She told me her boyfriend was in prison and if she sold this vacuum she’d be given $100 cash, be closer to her goal of going to Universal Studios, and she’d be able to pay her rent due the following day.

The vacuum she was using had hairs and dust in it. She admitted it was used in other homes and would be the one being sold to me. So $2,400 for a frequently used vacuum cleaner. The guy showed up again and called his "supervisor". This is where red flags went off.

He was definitely not on the phone with anyone, the screen was on a website and not the call screen, he also tried hiding the screen from me while on the phone. I told him to put his boss on speaker phone but he suddenly couldn’t and asked me if reception was spotty at my place. I actually became a little scared by that.

After 2 hours of this demonstration, I told them I wasn’t interested and they both packed the vacuum back up to make it look brand new again for the next victim. I swear on my life this is all 100% true and just happened to me earlier today. There was more to this story but I’m not sure of it would all fit lol.

Jan 09, 2018
Same happened to me
by: Anonymous

Once they get a foot in the door they all flood in
and they will probably come back so watch out for your neighbors

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