Luis David Reyes

by Doctor C.
(South Carolina)

Claims to be a civil engineer out of Albany, NY with a 12 year-old daughter. Extremely romantic, called me his wife, queen, etc. Very heavy accent with broken accent. First asked me for I-tunes card for $100.

I did not go for that and it almost ended the entire "Romance". I told him if he ever asked me for money I was done. He romanced me some more and I fell for it. Is supposedly in Thailand, has to rent equipment for $26,000 and he lost so much money on his last job in Albany he does not have the money. Asked me over and over for money, now down to $13,000.

Needless to say I broke up with him today. Said he was from Santiago, Chile. I am a doctor so ladies don't be embarrassed. These guys all use the same script and they are all scammers.

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