lucus darlington/blaze anderson and 50 other IDs to each

Ths scammer posed as an engeneer in France with one son but home town in Michigan. He gets you to help him to help his friend who wants a true love like he has ..but from other dating sites (the friend is actual fact him).

He goes by the name of david husbands ..he is on facebook ..has been reported and not a thing done about it.

He is a Nigerian and working as husband and wife team. He says he is coming to where you are and has the flights booked and paid for ... yes the flighs are paid for ...but wait ... not your credit card but some one elses credit card .. on checking if it was mine and asking if he knew this person.

He got quiet annoyed and said he didnt know of the person that paid for the flight and was not in the state or town that he said he was in, but thousands of km away in Nigeria.

To each of the 50 IDs he has, there are 50 more IDs as well.

I finished with this scammer by asking his where abouts and using Google earth and finding that all the places I was told he was, they were in in fact warehouses where he was supposed to be living.

It is very easy to catch these people out with some common sense.

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