Lucas Handy Oil Rig Contractor Capp Petroleum

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Lucas Handy is on Words With Friends as Lucas H. You start playing the game then soon move to Hangouts at his request. He's not interested in telling you about himself once there and immediately wants to know who else you are talking with on the app. He's not happy to know you're speaking to others. He also assumes you've met on a dating app and not a game;

Him: So tell me how long have you been into online dating?

Me: We met on a game not a dating app

You don't get much out of him about anything other than he is in Germany. He then says who he works for;

Him: I'm manager at capp petroleum limited liability company

Him: I work for the company

That company hasn't produced oil since 2015 and their website is linked below

He is only interested in you and asks as much as he wants about you and anyone you know. He deflects or ignores any questions about himself. He is trying the scripted questions and staying with them. He wants a picture of everything. Tell him you're off to do something, he wants a picture and doesn't get them. Why is he so worried about the cost of a car when he is sending pictures of "himself" in a Ferrari?

The pace is slow and surprisingly he is not throwing the love at you yet. Soon he does and very long texts are sent. He wants you to be with him for the rest of his life. He just decides one day you are the love of his life. One day i ask him about his work

Me: Yes so what’s your work been like?

Him: Petrochemical engineer

Him: Working in a oil rig

Me: Which company?

Him: Yes I drilled it

Him: It capp petroleum limited liability company

Edit: I push on where the company is listed and he can't say so he turns to love as it is what he really knows along with taking money. Like all he becomes "uncomfortable" when you are not on Hangouts. He wants love and I'm not offering any. I ask about him and who he is and the best he can do is say he is from L.A. and living in Berlin. Since when are there oil rigs in Berlin?

He becomes impatient as I'm only a little interested and he wants to spend our lives together. He was "uncomfortable" about me having friends on Hangouts and wants me to open an account just for him. Not going to happen. He doesn't understand technology and makes me blow a fuse.

Me: That’s petty of you and a lack of understanding so go find someone else Goodbye

Him: What do you mean by goodbye?

Him: You don't want to talk to
me again

Me: Exactly that. You live on this app and want me to as well it ain’t gonna happen.


Him: I don't want to lose you that's why I'm so concern about you

Me: I've heard that before


Me: Then who are you?

Him: I told you before that I'm Lucas handy from LA but currently working in Germany

Me: That’s not the man in the pictures you sent me

Him: That's my pictures And why did you say that ?

Me: Who is Robert George?

Him: That's the name of my hair salon

Me: Where is that nd why does a petroleum engineer have one?

Edit as he starts to flap

Me: Are you on Mittelplate?

Him: I work in capp in Germany

Him: That's the name of the company I work

Me: In the Mittelplate field?

Him: Yeah

Me: That's in the North Sea you said you're in Berlin

Him: Okay, should I come and join you drink coffee

Edit he is flapping and clueless as his texts change from Berlin to the North Sea. I ask about Brent and he doesn't know what I am talking about. On we go;

Me: Oil rigs have names. You're on one. Name it

Him: I said I work in capp petroleum limited liability company

Me: That is a company

Him: What are you driving out

Me: So, name the oil rig you are on

Him: Yes it a part of company

Me: You say you're on it so name it

Him: I don't understand why are you asking this question s

Me: As I said you are fishy


Me: Petronius is your oil rig?

Him: Yeah

Me: In the North Sea?

Him: Yeah

Him: But I'm stressed out with your questions

Me: How can that be when it is in the Gulf of Mexico?

To his credit he did name an oil rig. Owned by Chevron in the Gulf of Mexico. He's in a flap

Me: Because you are lying to me. You say North Sea oil rig and name one in the Gulf of Mexico


Him: So you make me uncomfortable with your questions

Me: You should be as all you do is lie

Him: Why are you calling me a liar , just because I told you the truth

Me: Because you are caught up in lies


Me: You'll just lie. From the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico in 4 texts

Him: You cost it all because I don't want to say anything but you bossy me to

Me: Because you're a kid


Him: I'm lemy kester and I'm From Africa. Nigeria

Him: Yes I'm in my 30s

No scam but he declares never ending love for my alias and sees a future for them to be together

Email used

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