by Melisa Grace

If you have been contacted by Jefferson Baxter ikon Instagram he is a fraud. The profile pictures were stolen from a innocent man in Texas.

Jefferson Baxter is a liar who makes you feel special and tells you he loves you. He convinces you to send him large amounts of money. He will tell you he has a dying child or has been in a horrible accident. He will say he’s in jail and someone planted drugs on him.

All are lies, and he’s a master manipulator. He is a low life scumbag who took me for $50,000. He works with a man named John Fenderson and you can look him up and find him.

Be careful as these people could be very dangerous. His known associates are Neal Beckman, Steven Peterson, Steven Derrick, and David Langsdale.

They have bilked people out of millions of dollars and many broken hearts. They are being reported to all branches of law enforcement.

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Nov 19, 2018
by: Bronze

Do you have photos this guy used? How do you ladies get this much money???

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