Lonely Hearts 2nd Chance Rebound: Hollywood Fashion Designer in Kenya /$4 million 5-week Production Contract SCAM!

by starmanskye
(Medford, Oregon, USA)

Said she saw my ad on craigslist, we talked ~ or rather I talked my head-off, she said all the guys in California didn't meet her 'criteria' of spiritual, genuine, engaging, gracious, etc. so she expanded the search to Oregon, where she found my ad.

Said she wanted to find someone -- a one-and-only -- a best-friend, soul-mate, lover, husband, to have a LTR, get married, settle together, 'retire' together from her multi-million-dollar fashion-design 'new contract' with her young daughter.

But when I asked how many guys she'd met and dated, she said ~ none ~ so why and how'd she come to find me 600+ miles away? Smelled fishy, but I didn't push-her, I wanted to believe so ... Told her at first I wasn't a good match for her, I'm a rebel misfit artist-poet-writer hippie-biker-cowboy 54-yr-old AND WC disabled ... lotta hard edges and grizzled sadness as a career loner, career romantic, unrecognized/undeveloped empath with a lot of regrets and heartaches, a sociopathic step-mom who imprinted me with negative patterning, and emotional baggage.

BUT she said it was all ok, she found her shining-knight 'King' and is gonna be devoted to me, we're gonna live happily forever-after. But she was vague of details and wouldn't roll with hardly anything I said, her replies and history were VERY shallow and one-dimensional. Almost NEVER commented on links and vids and images I sent her, missed important info, like my telling her I was WC disabled, but when I sent my pics she acted surprised, said, "Why are you inna wheelchair, honey?", then on reflection and my explanation, said, "Love conquers all."

Said she wasn't put-off by it because she came to love my charm and wit and personality, because I had to be 'the one' just for her, and because I musta wrote on gmail hangouts 10+ hrs out of 3-4 days. Said meeting me was a prayer answered, I was her 'good luck' lover, she 'landed' the Kenya lucrative-beyond-belief get-rich-quick contract thanks to my cheering her on and believing in her -- that also smelled fishy.

Sent me an image of 'her' at the presentation meeting where she pitched herself to the company execs, I guess.

But: Rush-Rush-Rush, No time to meet and see if we click. She has to get ready and fly halfway-around-the-world. So she hangouts-me from Kenya, suddenly asks if I have a banking acct.

WhoA!!! Lights-flashin! I said, whoa baby, I don't need yer money ~ you don't know me honey, we barely met. She said, well something might come up .... I said, OK, I'll set-up an escrow account that only her and her mom can draw from. Wasn't too pleased by that. I laid out how many thousands of people get burned because of e-romances that go wrong or are tempted by quick-and-easy lucre, or worse, are doing hard prison time for takin' the fall for a 'partner' that coerced or compelled them to 'trust' them.

So she gives me this long, long, detailed and well-written cut-and-paste (it wasn't plagued by simple syntax-errors like her ordinary communication, which I just chalked-up to e-mail/text lingo talkin) multi-paragraph speech on Love-is-based-on-deep-trust, you-have-to-show-your-trust-to-make-love-real etc., very pedantic and pro-forma, sounded like a cross between Khalil Gibran and Sermon on the Mount, VERY practiced and honed if not spontaneous and inspired.

I guess, she'd want my account info either to vacuum my minor savings or to dump me with fake bogus money-orders and pay-pal payments that I'd be liable for. Guess she thought I was totally smitten.

Feel like reporting 'her' (it could be a 55-yr-old dude, who knows?) to the FBI's wire/e-mail fraud
division, see if they want to sting her. She's still waiting, on-line, hoping I 'see' the light, help her out, meanwhile she's playing hide-and-seek coy, won't revisit the banking details issues tho I implored her to be frank and ask me ANYTHING; She may be trying to bide her time, 'answering' in real short sentences while skipping over 90% of what I say or ask her. It suddenly became VERY clear, I'd been scammed ~ or almost.

MORE 'tells': Doesn't respond to most direct questions, details of her interests and wants are flimsy, like, "Oh dearest, I only want to be happy with you, my darling, forever, my baby king darlin' etc. Would say 'darlin .... honey ... dear .... sweet.... baby....' etc like 5-times in 2 lousy sentences, talk about clumsy overkill. And just about everything she told me was\is probably BS.

BUT HERE'S the REAL inside-skinny KICKER. I 'met' her, ie she answered a local craigslist ad I placed, some 4 wks after another 'accidental' craigs ad missed-connection that I had replied to, and fell deeply head-over a sweet dear lass young-mom who had been wounded and betrayed with a sad story of love lost, who also had some writing talent and interests we shared, just went cold-turkey cold-shouldered Up-and-GONE.

It was like, I started thinking, maybe it was all part of a staged-and-calculated choreographed con, they were both tag-teaming, either 2 gals (or persons) or even ONE operator, 2 manufactured identities, to distract a target-victim, me, part of a psyo one-two set-em-up heartache bigger-they-fall 2-step PUNCH hit-em-heavy-and-hard and again, for good measure. Esp, I thought, 'cuz about the same time, another scam was perped on me, a revival of the UNICEF Nurse in Nigeria fraud who claimed to be a local US neighbor resident off doing her good-deed volunteering for Noble Sacrifice in a foreign war-torn country (with US Gov/Corporate/MIC fingerprints all over it, but that's another story) who is coming home in a month, looking for a 'friend' to text and get to know so she can 'meet' someone later-on

The scam involves telling her new boyfriend 'baby' that she's been getting sick from the local food they're served there -- but only she gets sick, not the rest of the US staff -- so the 'doctor' recommends she buy and eat her own market-bought food (its ALL Local anyway, isn't it!? Beans and rice would be safest, and fruits/veggies you peel, and make sure the water's clean).

It works OK for a while, but then she runs out of money (cuz they only get 'paid' when the tour-of-duty is run-out, like a 'bonus') -- and now she's weak and tired and hungry and sick from the food she's forced to eat all the time

You're apparently supposed to be sorry for her ~ such a cute girl (she's texted you pics with her and some black kids, and a gmail image of a next-door-neighbor cute redhead and a puppy) who so easily calls you 'babe' and 'honey' and 'dear, with the implication she's gonna be SO happy you helped her out she's gonna at-least rock yer world, and maybe fall in love with such a devoted, generous guy .... I can hardly believe this schtick actually worked back then, and maybe STILL does.

But its not all that far from the Hollywood fashion designer in Kenya gambit that sucked me in, to ensnare the unwary love-seeking public, both men and women -- as the stories at this site attests to.

Lonely Hearts beware! If it feels and sounds and looks too good to be true, that's cuz its 99.999% certain IT ISN'T GENUINE!!!

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