Lim Cheo, petroleum engineer, a linkedin Scammer

by Anh

He sent me the connect request on Linkedin. Just after connected some days, he requested to move to whatsapp, his number:+1(559)366-3047. He said he's from Singapore born and raised in United States California.

He's a petroleum engineer and currently working on a contract here in Turkey for seven months now and this is his last month here. After connect on whatsapp, I rechecked in Linkedin, and his account was moved. I know I met a scammer...haha. Maybe he saw I acted as a careful lady, so he didn't chase me everyday as a man, just said some sweet thins and ask to be my boy friend, but I refused. It's wasn't sweet talking for a long time, just one day, and he said he was not ok, and asked me to help him with iTune cards. I blocked him on Linkedin and whatsapp too. T

This picture is the pic he uses in his profile for Linkedin with the name Lim Cheo.

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