life changing

by Carmen

Team National is the best direct marketing company available. Unlike most MLM schemes, your up line should help you to obtain your dreams, I and many of my friends are very successful and continue to grow.

I was able to leave my 8-5 job and come home in 1 year and my husband works his business at will with Team National as our main income. We continue to "work" the program because that is what it is for us "a job" with no quotas, no day to day grind, profit sharing, and friends all over the world.

TEAM National continues to grow with businesses knocking on our door to become a part of it. Don't get me wrong, if you want to do NOTHING you are not qualified for TEAM National.

Only determined, caring, willing people are,and once you've learned your business the rewards are endless.

Good luck to all who are interested and may God lead you to the team that will make your dreams come true. We love our team national family.


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Its life changing in a bad way!
by: Anonymous

First off I call BS on your whole post. 0.03% of TN affiliates makes over 70k. Unless you are really really special you are full of BS. 90,6% of TN affiliates earn less than $470 according to TN own filing with the SEC.

Lets cut the crap, its a old school pyramid scheme (oh. I know you like to call it network marketing or some such baloney). The whole deal is to sign up folks at $2200 per year and hope they sign up folks for $2200 per and on and on it goes.

There no savings. There is only a MLM in which 98% earn next to nothing. AVOID.

I will say that TN affiliates are very disciplined in planting these positive reviews all over the internet. If only they could get paid for that.

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