Liar Liar Pants on Fire

by Anonymous

I met this man on OurTime who claimed to live just a few miles from me. He said his name was Anthony (Tony) James. He had a very strong personality form the get go. If I didn't answer he would get angry. If I asked too many questions he would become angry. A few days after meeting he said he was awarded a contract in Turkey.

I asked him to just call when he returned and he asked if he could call while he was away. The worst mistake I ever made was agreeing to that. Well several days later he stated he loved me, wanted to marry me and needed money for the phone minutes, then he was in an accident and needed money for EVERYTHING you can imagine.

He said the police took his visa and he needed money to get it back and then something happened to his passport and he had to pay the other party involved in the accident some ungodly amount of money. He didn't have it and was taken to jail. His "attorney" kept in contact with me begging me for money.

It never ended. I came to find out he uses the names, Robert Benderk, Aiden Wilson,
Thomas Garrison to name a few. He has claimed to live in Norway, Agoura Hills CA. Austin TX, Istanbul Turkey. He claims to be originally from New Zealand, two boys in boarding school. Wife slept with best friend or past away have been told both. Parents passed away.

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