Levine Shaffer Is Guilty

by Sandra Woods Bare
(Edgewood, Md US)

Hello Ladies, My name is Sandy Bare. I just wanted to let you ladies know that Levine Shaffer is most definitely a Nigerian Romance Scammer. He is also involved in the ITunes Gift Card Fraud Scam and also the Money Laundering Fraud Scam. I have every reason to believe that he is also the well known dating sites and chat room scammer "Archie Belden".

They resemble each other to a tee. I also have every reason to believe that he may be married to a lady on facebook by the name of "Christine Imel". Her husbands resemblance to Levine Shaffer and Archie Belden are identical. I have reported Levine Shaffer to my Local Sheriffs department, the FBI and the Lagos Nigeria Police Department. Its very possible that he has been located and arrested because his story and photos are disappearing on social media. He claims to be innocent, but these photos and stories about him goes to show that he is in fact a conniving, lying, manipulative con artist.

Please follow or add me as a friend on Facebook, im under the name of Sandy Woods. I bravely posted my story about my Fake Nigerian Romance Fraud Scam with Levine Shaffer and will be creating a page later tonight on protecting yourselves from Scanners. Its to help raise awareness of these scams and protect innocent women from becoming victims. I'm also needing female friends on facebook who are innocent victims of these scams to show your support and help me spread awareness. Thank You..

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