Lee Rosebach Cruise Ship Captain Turkey

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Lee Rosebach says he is a seafaring captain on contract in Turkey. In command of a ship, 70 years old. From the USA and even though being told my alias doesn't want love he goes for it and totally fluffs it.

I'm sorry I did not make it to the money but he is a young Nigerian with the swagger of a criminal who has gotten away with it too many times. The pictures he sends have a few different names and I've linked a video he also provided.

The following is where he calls my alias a s*** for being single, can't decide if he is married or not and is unable to build his alias of Lee Rosebach due to me not telling him any information.

Him: I'm a sea captain we have a contract over here

Him: And what about you what do you do for a living ?

Me: Oh, does that mean you are the captain of a cruise ship?

Him: Yeah

Me: Wow that is very interesting

Me: (edit)

Him: That's a me

Him: ok

Me That looks great

Him: Thanks!

Me: You must travel a lot. How old are you?

Him: You are (edit) and you look so beautiful

Me: Thank you

Him: You are welcome

Him: It like you have a lot of people texting you here on hangout

Edit: There you have two red flags. He can't say his age and only wants you to talk to him on Hangouts

Me: Most of my friends are on it, my family and professional contacts

Him: okay

Edit out small talk

Him: I don't have much friend

Him: I don't easily make friends with people (no friends, another red flag)

Me: Why not? You're attractive and have a good job

Him: Yeah

Him: Some friends do betray

Him: Is not that I don't have friends I do

Me: Anyone can do that

Him: Yeah

Him: So tell me have you ever been married before?

Me: Yes

Him: Most of your friends are married right

Me: No, not all

Him: You mean non of them are married

Me: No. I said not all

Edit: Now watch him dump on my alias and "her" friends as he moves to be the only one I can trust

Him: I love you to think about this

Him: When friends are going sho is going to be there for you

Me: I've my family in (edit)

Him: Or how will it be if I have my own family like my kids my husband who will love me and call me wife, also the kids will call me mom

Edit: Yes he said that. Either playing a man and a woman or more likely just clueless

Him: You are not getting any fun from dose friends of your I must advise you my friend

Him: There is not like a

Him: Especially the one you build

Me: You can't say that as you don't know me.

Me: What did you mean? You just spoke in the context of being a woman having a husband. Huh?

Him: If you have the hole world has a friend the cant lay down their life for you as a friend

Him: Sometimes most of them run away when you may have a bad time

Me: Please don't avoid my question. You just spoke as if you were a woman being a wife to a man!

Me: Why?

Him: Why I'm saying all this is because of my wife

Him: My wife is living the kind of life you are living

Him: Just going out with friends drinking smoking

Him: Doing alsult of things

Him: I hav no option than to devious her

Him: So she can live her life

Him: But I must say that's not a life

Him: How will you feel when your kids call you mom

Edit: This kid has got it so wrong

Me: So you are married?

Me: And calling me a **** cause I'm single and happy?

Him: No dear I'm not calling ****

Him: Why will I call you that

Him: It's okay if you are happy with it okay

Me: You just compared me to your wife, said my friends won't be there for me and that being single, like me, is reckless.

Me: Who the fluff do you think you are?

Him: Take it easy

Him: I'm not comparing you with any one okay

Me: You get it together

Me: Read what you just said. Don't backpedal

Him: It's okay if I said something wrong

Me: Oh wonderful you're arrogant and think it's fine to insult a single woman you just met

Him: No dear don't talk like that

Me: Answer my question

Me: Are you married?

Him: I'm devious

Him: I'm single

Me: Read what you said. Married and you called your wife and me *****

Me: Why would I want to know a devious man?

Him: Oh you have issues with devious men

Him: If I'm bothering you

Me: You do know the definition of devious don't you?

Him: Lol

Him: I do and why say that

Me: So you admit to being devious?

Him: Yeah

Him: I'm single

Me: Single and devious? You weren't 10 texts ago.

Edit as I took it downhill and made him angry. See his command of English? Divorce is what he meant by devious. The innocent man in the pictures is unfortunately used by Nigerians a fair bit and I've tried to attach a video they use of him.

videoplaybackLeeRosebach.mp4 (You can copy and paste the link it is secure)

As is common, they are building their alias when they meet you and he gets the email name wrong;


If they can't spell their name walk away

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