Lawrence Abraham ExxonMobil / Chevron Oil Engineer

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Apparently my alias met Lawrence Abraham on the game WWF2. That is true my alias operates there except I did not meet anyone by that name nor give them my alias email. This is a case of a failed scam attempting to try a new scam on a victim. Lawrence is 63 years old from San Diego born on June 10 1957.

I'm having none of it and decide to play along, to a point.

I received an email in the name of "Exxon Mobile" on Gmail. The address is and it leads to an email exchange as follows;

Him: Hi Edit, it's me Lawrence Abraham, how have u been, I'm sure u must be wondering who u talking with, it's your new friend on WWF, sorry I haven't been texting all this while, my phone fell into the water, it's been fixed now, what have u been upto lately..are u on Facebook or hangout so we could talk more better and facetime..have a nice day

Me: And what would your other names be?

Him: Other names, i don't understand....on Facebook it's Lawrance Abraham in San Diego

Me: You've spelled your first name differently and your Facebook profile says you work at Chevron not ExxonMobil. Can you please clarify and confirm with a photo of yourself?

Him: Oh, well have been using this email for a long time now, when I was still with Exxonmobil, I do sub sea oil well control, have been doing this job for more than 30 years now and that has lead me to the roles of becoming a subcontractor that take up project of massive quality , i'm currently with Chevron, I really would love to know u better and tell u more about my self

Edit: 2 Photos are attached and they are of the same innocent man used by Kelvin Brown reported elsewhere on this site. There is a Facebook profile but as noted the name is spelled differently, they don't have a single friend, photo uploaded or any account activity at all. The next day the profile has been removed. A screenshot is attached.

He says the following about his work;

Him: Oh, where do u live? What's the time over there, I live in San Diego California but currently working on my last job here in Kodiak island southern Pacific region Alaska, it's 1:42 pm here

I said I was having no part of it but we do move to Hangouts and start an exchange. I'm sending pictures of models anyone can find. After a few days I decided to just have a go at him.

Me: Good day from over here

Him: I'm glad u had a good day

Him: Hope u had a lovely weekend

Me: Hmmm 3 hours to reply and you've been online the whole time.

Him: Haven't been online, maybe it's the signal, I try to send u message but it keeps failing..

Me: Well only recently I decided to talk to some people with the hope of meeting some new friends. It's been interesting and I've come to a conclusion

Him: So what's your conclusion, I never stopped u from talking to others, we are just friends

Me: Well if I told you I think I'd offend you

Him: No, I
don't see offence in people's decision

Him: Every is entitled to their decision

Him: Everyone

Me: Okay they're all ******* clueless idiots telling me a pile of ****

Him: Really...what are they telling u

Me: That they work for companies they don't. Or the company doesn't exist. The man in the picture has different names. Fluff like that

Me: Kinda like you using an ExxonMobil email when you say you work for Chevron. If this was an Exxon email it'd end as

Him: Oh dear u can't use any email on hangout if it's not gmail No you clueless twat you're a kid in Nigeria

Him: It seems u already having trust issues with people

Him: I'm too big for such silly games ok...I wanted to call u on video call so u can see me but u didn't answer the the way, u are too young for me that's why I said we should be friends

Me: Don't you tell me I have trust issues.

Me: You sir are like the rest of them. What's next the scripted daft questions about my favorite color, food, movie and fluff like that.

Me: If you want to know me, use your Chevron email and I'll give you my number for video calls. But your "Exxon" email doesn't even spell the company name correctly.

Him: Please move on with your life....I'm too old for such games with u..BYE

Him: If u have issues with other people go sort it out. It's all my fault

Me: Okay. I think I'm very reasonable. Allow me a moment and I'll ask one last question

Edit: Insert picture of the same man he is using with a different name!

Me: That is a picture of you. The name I was given was Kelvin Brown. He said he worked for Exxon too. Well that wasn't true. He was also only 54 so please forgive my air of caution

Him: Asking u about your favorite color, food, movies are basic question to ask every normal human being, if u wanna get to know them I don't see a problem with that You wouldn't, it's all you know

Me: So you're oblivious to being sent a picture of you with a different name that someone else has sent me. Even worse, you claim all those daft scripted questions are actually valid. I've some advice for you, again, you won't want to hear it.

Him: Like I told u, u are too young for me, we are nothing but friends, please find someone of your age ok...thank u

Me: Well, I can understand you're in denial. But I know enough to say I'm not talking with the man in the pictures you sent. You go romance scam someone else you stupid Nigerian ****

Point made by both of us. Someone came back at my alias and I was having no part of it. Are you reading "Kelvin" or is it "Lawrence" maybe even "Gifted" who reads here, or even ******* you fluffed it sport!

Email used: appearing as Exxon Mobile Does anyone think Exxon would misspell their company name on their official emails?

The innocent man whose images are being used was also used as Kelvin Brown and you can see the link below;

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Jul 07, 2022
by: Anonymous

Well now he uses the name Harry Lawton, same man, different name. Works for Keppel offshore and marine as a subcontractor. Stalks on Google chat

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