Lagos Nigerian Scam - Eric Moore

by Angie

I was on facebook and got a friend request. The name seemed familiar, I was thinking a old highschool friend, wrong,

I accepted the friend request and no sooner as I accepted the guy sends me a message asking how I have been. We get to talking and after a couple of weeks, he tells me he is getting really attached to me. I was flattered.

After a little while longer, he is telling me he loves me and for some reason I keep thinking how can you love someone this fast. He then asked me if I could love him, I told him maybe.

He claims to have a 4 year old son, and he is adorable. Eric said he is looking for a God fearing woman and has found that in me. Things start moving fast, he is tellign me about his late dad and that he was divorced 4 years ago and his ex-wife died from Lung cancer last year.

Then about 2 weeks ago we are chatting and he said a country his dad use to go to and did contract work for called him and said they owed him 20 million in back pay. I am thinking yeah right, but giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Eric proceeds to tell me he is going for me and I tell him don't do that, only do for him and his son. So he leaves on a Monday morning to go to Lagos Nigeria. He contacts me on Tuesday and then again on wednesday.

Well on Wednesday he proceeds to tell me he hit a snag and they are saying his dad owes 2500.00 in back taxes and he only has a $1000.00 on him and can I help him get the rest. A big red flag on my part. I told him I don't have it as I have a family to support.

Watch out for this guy.

He is really secretive, didn't want to tell me who he worked for and come to find out what he did tell me was a lie.

At the end I was thinking he was a dream come true, but I had my nagging little voice. Always listen to that voice.

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Oct 30, 2015
by: AnonymousKim brown

He also goes by Cody Moore, Jay Moore, Ryan Matt Moore. Be careful as he says he's in U.S. Army serving in Nigeria

May 10, 2013
Eric Moore, Eric Sanchez Moore, scammer
by: Anonymous

Eric Sanchez Moore...scammer. Friended me and I am a friendly person so I let the loser talk to me and I replied back for several weeks.

He fell in love with me or so he said, I asked how can he fall in love with someone he is only writing to? He said I know you are a God fearing woman as I am a God fearing man.

I asked him where he was from he said San Francisco, his parents were both deceased and he has a 6 yr old son named Dylan and his wife died 3 yrs ago. The picture he uses is not him...He said he wanted to meet me and give me the life of a queen cause he was brought up by a queen and knows how to treat and respect women.

Just chit chat asking more questions you could tell at times he would get frustrated with all the questions. Then one day he talked of the money that his deceased father Luiz, and mother Angela had coming to them but he had to travel to Nigeria and claim it.

Asked me if I would write a letter stating that he was an honest, trustworthy man, and that he would get 10.5 million dollars from the work his father did. I told him no that I would not write anything of the sort, he started cursing me and telling me that him and his son couldn't leave and come back to San Francisco and they wouldn't cash the check in Nigeria, and wanted me to send him 9 hundred dollars so that he could get back to San Francisco and as soon as he got back he would pay me back.

He says he owns Strong Towers Construction Co and also supervises sometimes for Arab construction San Francisco. I asked him why if he owns a co. is he asking me for money, and told him to ask someone else.

He is preying on single christian women and widows. What a loser..Also says he is from Spain...but moved to US 20 yrs ago and then another time said 10 yrs ago...

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