Lagos Nigeria man goes by the name lahm Thomas

by joanna

I met throught Zoosk a very good looking Russian, in the iron and ore business, month of November 2012. Everything seemed nice and we hit it off until he started asking for money to return to Canada because the business he had there had gone wrong.

He goes by the name Lahm Thomas. As a good hearted person I did send him money to get a flight out of Nigeria and the last call was January 19th he needed 300.00 dollars more to pay at the airport before flying out.

As a fool I sent it to him. Last thing he said that he wrote down my number and would call me from the airport because he was going to sell his phone for money!!

Total money he scammed me out of through Western Union $1200.00.

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Jul 21, 2018
Thomas Lahm
by: Anonymous

This guy friended me on facebook. Started polite and kind. Then long notes about romance. No sex. Just romance and lost heart story. His wife cheated on him he was a marine engineer on an oil rig off of Alabama in the gulf of Mexico. It was all fun and even child like. I was enjoying it.

Then boom: he hits me up for $200 bucks and needs it with iTunes card to update his I phone because he is having trouble with it. I did some research and he could do it all himself on line and can get iTunes from I told him that and then high pressure how he can't have a credit card with him on the rig. YEH but you can have a cell phone.

He tried to guilt trip me. I wasn't born yesterday buddy. Thanks for the nice romantic fantasy but I just don't see a Marine Engineer for 20 years not having to work out the logistics of money. I asked him what would he do when he got off the rig with no credit card and he can mail me his pay check and I would be glad to manage his money while he is off working.

He has two other Facebook sites. The one I saw him on has him from Scotland living in CA, there is one that says he is from Germany living in Tampa, and another one from Nigeria.

He told me that he thought I was smarter than him.

YEP I guess I was. No lost money here.

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