Koma Vir United Nation Peace Keeper Lebanon

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


Koma Vir is on Scrabble GO as Komanvir. Unlike others he takes time moving you to Hangouts. Says he is Russia with poor English yet plays the game far too well. 56 years old from Moscow and then changed that to Lebanon.

Didn't get too much as my alias refused to let him phish with the scripted questions. Questions were asked in return and they couldn't or wouldn't answer them. They want a picture of the victim and make no mention of doing so themselves. My alias sent them their own picture.

The following is most of our exchange on Hangouts. From this you can learn more about how they phish and by not providing answers and asking in return you'll force them away;

Him: I wanted to ask you something?

Me: Okay

Him: I hope you wouldn't get mad over my question?

Him: How old are you?

Me: Okay

Me: 52

Him: You're still young

Me: Okay, lol. How old are you?

Him: Am 56

Me: Okay

Him: Can I proceed with asking you some few more question? I'm going to really phish now

Me: If you phish there'll be no answer

Him: I don't mean to hurt you with my question

Him: You are not married?

Me: No

Him: Why?

Me: Next question

Him: You seem so beautiful to me and I can't see any reason you are not married

Me: Okay

Him: I feel you're sad

Me: I'm not

Him: Alright

Him: I feel you are not comfortable talking to me sometimes

Him: You don't talk much

Me: Why would you say that when this is the first time we've spoken here?

Him: Yeah

Him: I know this is the first time

Him: Maybe I shouldn't judge you in that manner

Me: Why do you say that?

Him: I said that because you don't ask me about myself

Him: But it's okay

Me: Is there a rush?

Him: It's

Me: Okay

Me: Where are you in Russia?

Edit: He says my alias can ask questions while not answering the ones asked. He also doesn't like my single word answers of "okay"

Him: I don't what you to think things from that angle

Him: I am not in a rush

Me: Okay and you can't say where in Russia you are?

Him: Let me start by introducing myself I'm a government official man from Moscow Russia who has been assign to Lebanon for special service under the United Nation organization peace mission

Him: Which I know is not new to you (He's telling me he's right and I know it too while we both know he's wrong)

Him: So where do you work and what is the nature of your job?

Me: Okay

Him: Okay

Him: So you live alone?

Me: Yes

Him: Okay

Him: Please send me photo of you

Me: (image attached) Okay and this is you? (It's his profile picture)

Him: Yeah

Me: Okay

Him: Moscow

Him: You haven't send the photo I ask you to

Him: Can you please send it to me now

Me: Okay

Me: Which peacekeeping mission in Lebanon are you with? (The UN Mission has a name)

Him: Yea ho back to our conversation

Him: Can you send the photo

Me: Okay, you can't or won't say the UN peacekeeping mission.

Him: Send me the photo I ask you to

Me: Tell me the name of your peace keeping mission

Him: Do you think I'm a kid or a person you can just use to play?

Him: F*** off


This one didn't like me and blew his fuse likely due to the above being said with one message a day. The UN is in Lebanon and has been for a long time. I won't point all their mistakes out and with a little research you won't meet anyone like this.

Email in use: komavir8@gmail.com

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