by Tiffany
(huntsvill alabama)

My name is Tiffany and I worked for Kirby as canvasser which mean those pretty girls that knock on your door and gets the guys in.

Yes that was me... Kirby is the biggest SCAM as even when you first start out they promise you $2,000 a month - $1,000 every two weeks.

Me and my Husband both worked there for a month.

There should be 4,000 and he resaved 250 together me 200 him 50. We had to work 16 to 17 hour day for 6 to 7 days a week. They didn't pay for any thing and if you did not sale or get in a door that day (if you knock on doors and no-one lets u in) you will get left where ever you are at and some times that is in other states and they have done that to many ppl.

they sell drugs off of their vans that they drive they sale to their customers and if you an women you will be sexualharsssed all of the time by almost every male In in the office so up to 20 to 30 men.
And to go in a house many many many times with naked man even if you don't want to and if your learning something new and don't get it right a ways they will fire you

KIRBY IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!


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