Kirby Vacuum Scam

(Grand Junction Colorado )

I have never had to deal with door to door salesman before like this. I didn’t know what they were selling when I answered the door. I was trying to be polite when they knocked on the door and handed me a free dish soap and asked if I had a few minutes.

I didn’t want to be rude but the guy talked so fast I didn’t know what he was getting to but figured it wouldn’t be long. He runs out to his car and grabs a box and pushes his way through my door. First mistake on my part.

From now on I will be more assertive and stop that right there. Being young and trying to be polite I let him continue with his sales pitch. Once I realized it was Kirby I had never heard of it I let him run through the demo. I didn’t really appreciate him running stuff on my floor but I did like the product. Told them I would be interested but not right now as I could not afford it right now.

He was very pushy even though he said in the beginning he wouldn’t be pushy. Then he says he will give this great deal on a used vacuum that was in great shape. I considered it and he said he would go get it. I thought it would be in his vehicle but I guess not.

This is where it gets sketchy. He goes and gets this used vacuum that was clearly falling apart and something I definitely would not pay 500$ for. I would have rather payed the 1000$ for the new one but at that time I didn’t have the money. I would have considered buying one down the road once I could save for something that “would last 30 years.”

When I told him no I wasn’t going to buy one right now but would like some information on the product and would consider buying one down the road he then started throwing a fit. Throwing the vacuum back into the box making rude statements and how “he would never sell a Kirby here again.”

His boss or partner or whoever it was told him to go to the car and then apologized about it but that’s not right regardless. I work with rude people all the time so it’s not new to me but to come into someone else’s home and behave like that is beyond wrong. I have now put a no soliciting sign up and will be contacting law enforcement if they come back. It was so sketchy.

Don’t purchase from these people.

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