Kirby Vacuum Scam

by Sue
(North Granville, NY USA)

A lady got dropped off at my door offering a free gift basket for them to come in and do a 30 minute demonstration.

I figured okay that isn't that long.

She wanted to know what kind of electronics where in my home. She wanted to use my bathroom and go through out my home. I told her no many times and she just about forced her way through. She was there for 2 hours and would not leave until her supervisor showed up.

He talked to my husband and came inside complaining. He said I need to make my husband quit smoking and get a job so we can afford a Kirby. My husband and I are both disabled and he rolls his own cigerates to cut costs down. We never let the children go without.

They demanded our checking account information and I refused to give it to them. She asked how much we made and again I would not tell her. Finally they left and were very rude to us. Telling us it is our fault for having a dirty home, because we would not buy the correct cleaner according to them.

Keep your $3,000 cleaner.

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Apr 14, 2017
Kirby avalir
by: Anonymous

Amazing. Did the same to me. Implied they were a carpet cleaning company, so I let them in. Loud and offensive and expect me to buy something from them? I think not. Told me I couldn't buy this machine in a store. Told them I would not buy anything until I checked it out.

They did not like that! Guess what, the machine is for sale in stores and for less than what they said they would sell it to me at cost. Salesman said all he would get out of it was a trip to Branson, but he couldn't even pronounce Branson properly.

I do like the machine, but I will get it (when I want to get it) from a reputable business.

Dec 06, 2016
You Let Them Bully You?
by: Anonymous

You let these Kirby scammers bully you in your own home? As soon as the girl started up with asking questions about electronics and wanting to walk around, you should have told her to leave NOW!

I would have given her 1 chance to leave, then I would have picked up the phone and called the police.

I PROMISE you the police would have discovered no one in that group had a permit to solicit, so they would have been fined and/or arrested. At the the very least, they would have been run out of the neighborhood.

People, do NOT let random strangers at your door come inside. Seriously, who let's strangers inside their home?

You don't know them or what their intentions are!!

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