Kirby Vacuum Scam

by Steve
(L.A. CA)

This young latina woman came to my door with a badge on that said Kirby. She said she wanted to do a free cleaning of a room.

She said it would take a half hour (lie #1), and no sales pitch (lie #2). She called the 'crew' to come by in a half hour. They did but the demonstration took 4 hours!

It felt like a scam from the beginning.

Two people came in-one guy who said he was new and a supervisor. The vacuum did perform well, and they make you feel like you live in filth, cause it really picks up a lot of dirt.

Anyhow, the price went from $2600 to $1000 in about 20 minutes. I said I needed time, and then they left. My spidey senses were always tingling, it always felt like a scam when the supervisor came back to check on the new employee.

That's when the sales pitch began. There was a lot of pressure, and I was ready several times to tell him to 'get the hell out of my house. But, I did get my couch, piano, and three area rugs cleaned!

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