Kirby Vacuum Scam sales tactics

by Greg

Kirby Vacuum cleaner salespeople are deceitful and misleading. While I was at my mothers home a woman knocked on the door. She explained that she and her associates were canvasing the neighborhood signing up residents for the opportunity to win a $4,000.00 grocery giveaway.

She futher explained that the giveaway is being sponsored by the Kirby vacuum cleaner company and if we would allow her associate to clean a couple spots out of the carpet for us that thay would gain "points" making them eligible for a trip to St. Petersburg, Florida.

She made it sound as though he would be be in and out quickly. I take responsibility for not kicking him out once I saw him setting up his props for his demo. However after that the young man asked if he could use my mother's toilet, and then the telephone. We mistakenly assumed that he was making toll free calls back to St. Charles, Mo.

The young gentleman had been instructed by his boss to call him at various points during the sales pitch, no less than 4 times. We discovered on the 4th call that these calls were costing us! He took over 2 hours and then the sales pressure started.

We were made to feel bad because he had spent over 2 hours for nothing. Needless to say we did not buy a vacumm that day.

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Feb 02, 2017
Questionable tactics
by: Anonymous

When I was younger and more naive, I was going to give selling vacuum cleaners a shot. Wow, what kinds of underhanded tricks they tried to teach us! First was my preconception of the job that I would be a sales clerk in an actual brick and mortar storefront.

Then came my interview/orientation (indoctrination)! The older fella was sitting there, sporting a ton of cheap and gaudy costume jewelry and fake bling promising me the money was literally falling from the sky and it was jolly happy candy fun time!!!!

Then came the "classroom" period, where the real ugliness showed through... we were shown how ANY vacuum could perform as well as a Kirby, and how to give the illusion that their current old machine paled in comparison to our little beast. We were instructed to lie about the time frame of the demonstration, how to collaborate with the supervisors via phone to further embellish the sales pitch, among other shady actions.

The one thing that had me calling them a bunch of weasels was this juicy line; "an open door is as good as an invitation, even if you have to place your foot in the door jamb"! I just laughed and laughed, called them weasels once again and left, never to look back.

I begrudgingly admit that Kirby is a good machine, no worse or better than other more affordable setups out there, however. IMHO, stay away from these salespeople, they are up to no good, and thats the honest salespeople!!!!

Jan 14, 2016
No means No
by: Anonymous

I had a Kirby salesman come to my door, ignore my No Soliciting sign and barge his way into my home to inspect my carpets and use my bathroom.

Being in my third trimester of pregnancy and home resting (hence my sign) I was in no mood to deal with that nonsense. He was back out on the street within minutes as I picked up my phone to call the police. I also contacted the BBB and I maintain that No means No and people who don't take no for an answer and intrude into my home are conducting themselves like rapists.

I get the urge to be polite, but sometimes it isn't warranted. They count on people not wanting to be impolite and turn them into victims.

Sep 28, 2015
Kirby scam feedback
by: Anonymous

Why is the Kirby company and sales reps scammers just because they go door to door??? That's total bull and anyone with half a brain in their head would admit that!!

Firstly the Kirby vacuum is a quality product. It is the only cleaner on the market that removes the dirt and is voted number one by the carpet and rug institute for efficiency, dirt removal, prevention of wear and tear and the only cleaner to help your carpets and upholstered furniture last longer!!

Other manufacturers sell poorly designed cleaners that only push dirt in and pick up surface fluff, but because they don't demo their cleaner in your home to show you the benefits of its use (or misuse) it must be ok then to just lie and sell people rubbish knowing it's going to push dirt into the carpet and wreck it.

At least Kirby show their customers what they are buying before stealing your hard earned cash from you for a poorly designed cleaner made to break down so you repeat buy. At least with a Kirby you buy once and buy right!!!!

As for the reps.... Think about what these hardworking people looking for an opportunity to stay off the dole and make something of their lives?!?!? Do you want them turning to crime to make ends meet ????? Cmon people all they are doing is asking you for a chance to show you the product, if you don't like it, want it or need it then you don't buy it simple as that. I've never seen a door to door Kirby rep on the news being arrested for holding a gun to someone's head to watch a demo or buy a vacuum, have you?

Maybe the sales tactics used would be more user friendly if people weren't so rude, ignorant and unwilling to give these young guys a chance. Wouldn't you want that for your son daughter or yourself? But no everyday they deal with rude negative people hoping to find a nice person willing to spare them the time of day hoping to show them how this amazing vacuum first built in 1914 can clean efficiently, save the customer time and money, and prevent health causing conditions like asthma, excema and allergies as it's the only product designed to effectively remove this condition from every single mattress in the world. The Kirby should be compulsory in every household for that one reason alone!
Finally if your a hater posting your uneducated opinion online maybe ask yourself first are you just upset cos maybe you really wanted one after seeing the demo but take it out on the rep just because you can't afford it or you are just too stupid to know how to use it properly!!!! Then consider how you would feel if you found rubbish about you and your career posted online after working hard long hours all day dealing with rudeness!! I'm sure you would take offence if someone offended the good job you probably do within your chosen field!!

My Kirby has been going strong for nearly 20 years and I love it as it's helped my families health plus I was more than happy to give the rep the time of day to demo for me even if I didn't buy it as they get paid for doing the demo just to get by, maybe next time they knock at your door you'll give them a chance and keep an open mind as we all need to pay the bills and put food on the table!!!!

Oct 27, 2014
kirby is a scam
by: Anonymous

This thread has obviously been infiltrated by kirby trolls dont listen to these people its a scam.

Dont take my word for it do the research just look up "kirby employment scam" and you will find page after page of people saying they were screwed by kirby wether it be the customer or so called employee.

Sep 26, 2014
Kirby Rocks
by: Anonymous

I sold Kirby's for 4 years. Laughed all the way to the bank! Kirby is the best vacuum you can get.

Aug 08, 2012
Same story
by: Anonymous

I got the same story about a contest to win a trip to Cedar Point in Ohio.

Apr 26, 2011
Kirby Vacuum Ex Employee Continued

This is how we got paid, if you sell 3 Kirby's a week, you get $300.00 guaranteed. Plus you get money from each Kirby you sold!

So if I only sold 2 Kirby's for $1,500.00 and the other for $1,115.00 then my paycheck would of been $300.00 :) Because I got half of over $1000.00 so anything over $1000.00 would be split in half with my boss.

Well, I kept working, and putting in a lot of hours, I was very dedicated, and made good money. The only problem I had with the job was that I didnt have enough time to see my boyfriend, so I had to quit. We were working sometimes until 10 o clock at night, and I had no social life. :(

If I was single, I would definitely still be there, because I made very easy money. All I had to do was be nice to people, show them how good the vacuum worked, show them the dirt, and they wanted it!

I don't know why people on here are complaining. I am sure there are a lot of businesses out there that are not running it the way they are supposed to, but that doesn't mean that EVERY Kirby business is bad. It doesn't mean that every person that sells Kirby products is a bad person.

I don't have any criminal backround, but I do see a lot of people that have had simple misdemeanors that are hired, and there isnt anything wrong with that.

Kirby has a law, where they CANNOT hire anyone that has a felony. You can call them and ask.

They will NOT hire a felon, they do backround checks. Maybe in the past someone did hire a felon, but now if they do that, they will get their business shut down.

There was a point in time where I made over $1000.00 a week.

This isnt a regular job. You have a chance to run your OWN company with this job, and you have the opportunity to make A LOT of money. It just depends how MOTIVATED you are, and how much TIME you have to invest in this.

If you sell a Kirby you WILL make profits of each one.

Apr 26, 2011
Kirby Vacuum Ex Employee :)

Hi Everybody!I would like to share my experience with Kirby Vacuum.I first heard about the job on Craigslist, the job was very vague, and said something about receptionist, so I thought I would check it out.

They scheduled me for an interview, and they explained the different job openings they had. They told me how much I could make as a receptionist, and then they showed me how much I could make cleaning carpets.

I CHOSE the cleaning carpets myself, because I wanted to make more money to get out of debt. I went to orientation Wednesday, listened to the distributer talk about the company and I was impressed. He told us we don't have to worry about trying to sell them all because we are new, we just have to show the people the vacuum, and he will close the sales for us.

He told us he is a very good salesmen, and he will close all of the sales, he just needs us to do a good job showing the customers the vacuum :)

Well I was in orientation Wednesday through Friday. (Not paid, and he told us we wouldn't be getting paid) I was okay with that. I really wanted to learn how to make all this money, so I stuck with it.

Saturday I got to take the vacuum home, and practice doing demonstrations at my families house, and friends house. They all fell in love with the vacuum, so I got to sell a few, and got some cool bonuses :) Like a free gift certificate, and cash! Plus whatever I made on the 2 vacuums. lol.

Then Monday came around, our first day of real work.

It was definitely different, it isnt your average job. Me the owner, and 3 other people all got into the van, and we drove 45 minutes to a small town, and the owner got us all into houses, on the spot. When I got there, I was kind of nervous, but tried not to show it. I cleaned the carpet for the old couple, and explained to them, the different tools, and showed them all the dirt.

I was trying to be friendly, and nice, then after 2 hours the owner came, and talked to the customers, and they bought it! I sold my first vacuum, and I was so proud of myself, they negotiated the price a little bit, because they were seniors, but yeah! I was very proud of myself.

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