Kirby vacuum scam Review

by Gloria
(Melbourne, Fl)

I too was a victim of these scams. Two seniors living on Social Security got a visit from a very nice lady that not only cleaned my carpets, but shampooed some as well. I really did not want to buy it, but after I kept saying no and really explaining that I was not looking to buy a vacuum cleaner, she added a monthly cleaning for free for 5 years, with a very thorough cleaning every six months.

That caught my attention since as I mentioned before we are two seniors living in a big house. She wrote the additional clause to the agreement and we both signed. The total price of the vacuum was $2,300.00. Now, almost a year later she stopped coming and not answering her phone. We are stuck with a very heavy vacuum that we barely can move and the agreement was a fake. My mistake? I acted in good faith and paid the vacuum in full.

Kirby knows that these tactics and scams are happening but they don’t care as long as there are sales. If you know for a fact that you have a good product, you dont need any gimmicks.

Anyone out there wants to use a barely used Kirby vacuum? 1,200.00 and it is yours.

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