Kirby Vacuum Scam Review

I was a victim of these overaggressive salespeople today! My experience was spot on as it is described on your website.

The rep was dropped at my door and I foolishly let her in. I was lured by the "free carpet shampoo" ploy. I had no idea she would be in my house for almost 3 hours! I repeatedly refused to buy, because I had no intention of spending such a ridiculous amount of money on a vacuum.

The price was taken down to the $800.00 mark and I still refused to buy. That is when the "manager" showed up and tried to get me to buy. By that time I was very uncomfortable and just wanted these people out of my house!

I had my husband and a friend both call me to try to save me, and they still wouldn't take the hint. I should have just told them to get out, but I was not comfortable doing that because I thought it would seem rude. I shouldn't have cared! When they finally did leave, they were rude.

I know they were trying to make a sale, but they should have some respect and common decency. I am debating contacting my local block watch, and maybe even the attorney general of my state. I feel very violated by the whole experience, even though I willingly let them into my home.

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Dec 07, 2016
Talk to Neighbors
by: Anonymous

You can let friends, family and neighbors know of your experience so they will not let them inside. If they come back, then do call the police so they can fine/arrest them for not having a permit to solicit (they never have this as it costs $ and often requires a criminal check).

At the very least, the police will run them off. If you do know the name of the distributorship, then please do file with the Consumer Protection Division of your state's Attorney General's Office.

Oh and you can also notify your Sheriff's office so they can issue a local press release warning communities.

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