Kirby Vacuum Scam Review


We were given a draw ticket and asked for our telephone number (first mistake). A few days later we were telephoned to say we'd been picked out for one carpet to be cleaned for free and it would only take half an hour.

Because we thought it was a carpet cleaning company demonstrating their product we agreed (second mistake - we should have read the small print on the draw ticket then we wouldn't have agreed to it).

The half hour turned into two before we got rid of them. I'm sure the product is very good but their sales technique is overbearing. As soon as we realised what the purpose of the visit was I knew we wouldn't be buying, especially at the price they initially quoted,and even when they reduced it, and we didn't.

Since then I've looked on the internet and found it is possible to buy second-hand/re-conditioned ones and may consider purchasing one that way at some point.

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