Kirby Vacuum Scam Review

I just experienced "The Kirby Vacuum Scam" yesterday. A young man came to the door offering a free carpet cleaning that would take 15 minutes. Over THREE hours later, and after repeated "NO's" and "sorry, too expensive" I could not get the sales guy to leave. He absolutley would not leave.

I finally had to threaten to call the police, after which he spent another 1/2 hour cleaning his equipment and slowly slunk out the door, giving me much verbal abuse.

I was misled and harrassed and would recommend to anyone that you NEVER let anyone in your home if they are offering a free carpet shampoo.

I, for one, have learned my lesson! Based on this experience, I will NEVER buy a Kirby, no matter how great they are professed to be!

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Dec 04, 2015
Sorry so blunt
by: Anonymous

If you choose not to buy anything then don't let strangers in your home . Hearing the word "Free " is not worth headache and scam.

There is nothing to very little of anything that is for FREE.

Aug 22, 2015
Kirby Salespeople - LIARS
by: Lynn

I own a Kirby. A sales lady came to my door to try to sell me one. I told her I owned one, and she said, "Great! You are part of the Kirby family. I have a great deal for you!" She offered to have one room and a set of stairs vacuumed and shampooed, plus my old Kirby serviced (do I have enough bags, shampoo etc.)

I told her I wasn't buying anything and she said no problem. Two guys showed up with a new Kirby vacuum cleaner and wanted to demonstrate it. They promised to vacuum and shampoo one room, so I showed them to a bedroom that was recently empty because my son moved out. There was no furniture or anything in it.

Easy, right? Wrong!

They spent the next 3 hours showing me the vacuum and everything it could do. They sprayed stuff on my glass door and never wiped it (it left a mess at the bottom). They vacuumed my tile. But, when they found out I wasn't buying (again, I was happy with my Kirby I already own), they tried to hard sell me on the upgrade and finally after numerous "NO's" they got the picture.

They started packing up their stuff and I got them out the door. They were never intending on shampooing my carpet unless I bought the new Kirby.


Beware - they will say whatever they have to to get in your door. Don't believe them!!!!! Oh yeah, I asked for a business card (in case I would want one in the future) and I was told Kirby doesn't let them have business cards or let them give out phone #'s so we can contact them in the future.

Yeah, total waste of my time!

Nov 13, 2014
Were there for over 4 hours
by: Anonymous

They came to "clean my carpets". After they were there for over 4 hours, the price started at $3600.00,

I told them I would not be buying or financing anything. They got my ss#, a check for $1,000 & used my cell phone to call their boss the entire time trying to get me a "deal" on the vacuum.

I was cooking dinner so they ate my food, drank my pop, not to mention tried to get alcohol out of me (the kid lied and said he was 21 but his boss informed me he was 19).

I Fed-Ex'd the cancellation notice and just got receipt of it today. I also stopped payment on my check, but I am worried about my vacuum that they have. It was a $300 vacuum that was only a couple years old.

Aug 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

So he stole your phone... well, what do you expect when you let strangers int your home!

Aug 02, 2013
Same Same
by: Phil

Read my post. I threatened to call the cops also but I was so angry he wouldnt leave I grabbed the vacuum and hoses and threw it out the front door.

I'm sure I broke something and that got him out the door at least and I got to slamm the door in his face that made me feel great after the BS he put me through.

May 29, 2013
lesson learned the hard way!
by: Anonymous

This past Saturday a young man came to my door offering free carpet shampoo for one room. I told the guy that I already have a Kirby cleaner which has a broken wheel.

He was very persistent and offered to shampoo the room since I already have one and try to fix the wheel. I regretfully agreed. A few minutes later two gentlemen came and began to shampoo the carpet. After they were done one of the guys told me to show him the broken wheel on my kirby.

I took him into the garage where my son has his workout equipment set up and had just finished working out. He asked for some tools, I turned my back on him for 2 minutes to find out he had TAKEN my sons iphone 4s off of the ihome where he had been listening to music while working out. Unfortunately, we did not notice this until the two had left.

I called the local office and let them know what happened. The gal called me back saying he has denied (of course) taking anything and it is his word against mine...she said there is nothing she can do about the situation. When I asked if they do background checks on their employees before sending them into peoples homes, her response was we will start to do this in the near future...UNBELIEVABLE!!


Aug 13, 2011
Happens in Oklahoma too...
by: Anonymous

Same thing happened to me today, he just would not leave. Waisted a Saturday afternoon (3 hrs)... lessoned learned...

Feb 12, 2011
Kirby Vacuum Scam Approach
by: Anonymous

Hey thanks for posting it. I had a guy almost the same scenario and I told him to leave and felt bad. When I spoke to other folks they said there are more examples of this around the Internet. So I was pleased to read your story.

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