Kirby Vacuum scam or casing out the house..?

I just had a young girl, maybe early 20s come to my door and like the sucker I am I said yes. She said she'd be right back and came back with 2 other guys. One of them stayed and her and the other younger guy left.

I could feel my heart pounding but for some reason couldn't ask him to leave. I had my front door open the whole time just in case I needed to run for help. My two young kids were playing upstairs while he was doing his sales pitch. He gave me a flyer and I also asked for business card.

Close to 2 hours later he was done. Not to mention, he kept asking me questions about my husband (who wasn't home at the time of the pitch), what his name is, using my bathroom, and when my husband comes home from work. I am so scared now that they were going around the neighborhood, checking out houses.

I am a stay at home mom with my two young kids and am scared to death, especially since we had a break in back when we lived in GA.

My question to you all fellow Kirby demonstration people is how do you know if this was legit Kirby salesman or people that are looking to steal my stuff...?

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Dec 06, 2016
Strangers in the Home
by: Anonymous

The answer is, you don't really know if they are legit or not. There have been several incidents of people pretending to work for Kirby in order to case a home. And not just that, the Supreme Court of Texas held the Kirby Company liable for an in-home rape committed by one of their salesmen because no background check was done on the person. There was a similar incident in North Dakota.

I don't think you need me to tell you never let strangers in your home. I think you have learned that. It is too bad you let this person make you fearful in your own home. I would have gotten my children and went out the front door and yelled for the person to leave. I would have also called for a neighbor to come over.

If it was really bad, I would have pretended to use the bathroom and phoned the police to remove the person.

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