Kirby Vacuum Rip-off

by Ken

Two Kirby Vacuum cleaner employees approached my husband and myself in the front yard and wanted to shampoo our carpet.

I told them no, however they then wanted to shampoo our couch and so we said it was new and did not need it. They insisted, so finally we said OK.

They did not shampoo as promised but kept vacuuming two pieces of furniture to show us all the dirt. I told them from the beginning I was not interested in a Kirby as I had a Kirby purchased four years ago. They insisted I purchase a new one. I told them I was not interested in a new one.

I was originally quoted $2,000.00; then it went to $1895; then to $1695; the final price $1190. How can this be? This is a big rip-off and the public is being taken by this kind of action.

I did not appreciate them wasting 1 1/2 hours of my time when they were told upfront that we had no intention of buying a Kirby.

Once the supervisor returned to put "pressure" on us to buy a Kirby, and i told him emphatically no, then he was very upset and stormed out of the house.

I do not recommend anyone purchase a Kirby. They admitted once they get in the house they put pressure on you.

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Jan 06, 2017
Not worth thousands and don't allow any sale person in the house
by: Dave

Like any other comment, don't give into buying a kirby. It is a decent vacuum, but not worth the ton of money. My wife and I was pressured into getting one for $3,000, after feeling convinced or pressured by the "couple" trying to sell it in order to get their "vacation".

I was told by others that they got their kirby for half the price. Again, don't waste your time or money.

Jul 30, 2014
Also taken in by Kirby
by: Anonymous

I have paid a total of $2804.40 including finance charges for my Kirby. Its a total rip off.

I could have had it for less than a thousand. Even then it is over-priced for a vacumm

Jun 10, 2012
Im sorry for retards
by: unhappy dealer

I hate listening to those horror stories. I work for a Kirby Dist. and I couldnt be happier. I never force my way into a house, if they say no ill rebuttal once or twice, if its still no ill shake their hand and walk away.

In a demo ill pull 100+ pads of dirt, not to insult but to show what you get when you purchase a Dirt Devil for 80 or a Rainbow for over 3,000.

All of them are cheap plastic that will break if dropped or abused slightly. Kirbys are not expensive, and I say this because everything we buy from food to clothes to cars have a value to the buyer (you) and what the price is set.

Every sale can be brought down and will be to fit the customers budget and not break their bank because I have them tell me what they want to pay every month, and I try to get a deposit so the tax is taken care of seperately to lower the monthly payment further.

Our offices in Missouri are strict on new dealers and door pitchers. If we get one complaint, we ask YOU about it and get both stories. If the dealer was rude or anything they..are..FIRED!!

I am a very low pressure salesman and I have never left a house without all of us smiling and happy. I always strive to be a friend first, salesman second, so I deeply apologize to anyone who has ever had a bad experience with Kirby demos.

Just dont judge all of us because a few have messed up. If you feel uneasy at the door then say no, and dont put yourself through the ringer and end up mad at the choice.

First impressions are the most important thing and if the first is kind of scary at the door then dont allow it, a better one (me :D) will come along and you will be happy that you made the decision.

Feb 16, 2012
Kirby Vacuum . Rip-Off salesman
by: Anonymous

They got me and my husband as well, But I needed a vacuumn, shampooer and it works wells, supposed to have been a sale but overpriced.

Never allow a saleperson in your house, I won't!

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