Kirby Vacuum is one big scam

by Henr ducharme
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The Kirby sales people came to my home and gave their sales pitch and sold me the cleaner.

I then later looked at the contract and they over charged for a used cleaner, charging me like it was new. So I cancelled the contract and they came by and picked up the their vacuum and I ask them where my old vacuum was and they said it was in the van.

That was two weeks ago and still no vacuum, so then I called their home office and they were snotty.

If that is the way they treat people then don't buy from them. I am going to contact the attorney general's office and the BBB on Monday.

They should be shut down.

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Jan 13, 2016
Atty general helped
by: Anonymous

Atty general help out a lot and my old vacuum was returned and they are no longer in business

Jul 15, 2015
I was saved by a good neighbor!
by: Anonymous

Kirby salesman came to my door after he was dropped off by an other guy. Any way, he gave me a great demonstration after which, in my own mind, I was going to purchase it. The only thing, was to haggle for the price.

I got him down to $1700.00. My door bell rang and it was my best lady friend neighbor {She is married} from across the street. She told the salsman that I can't afford it because my wife of 46 years had just died and I have a lot of credit card bills to pay.

I just recieved a phone call and went into another room. Meanwhile, he called my neighbor a dirty bitch for jinxing his sale.

He packed up and left

Apr 16, 2015
Your Vacuum
by: KIRBY Scam Exposer

The KIRBY Vacuum can be purchased online for $400 and can be sold by a Sales Rep. as low as $800.

ANY Thing you own that are handed to Kirby Sales Rep. to supposedly reduce the price will become THEIR own personal belongings. Most that I know, either keep it or sell to pawn shops and others.

That's what these KIRBY "Sales Rep" do.

Aug 10, 2014
Vacuum returned
by: Anonymous

I hope your pursued the issue: either they return your old vacuum or you are calling the police.

Actually, I would have called the police by now anyway. Small claims court is a possibility.

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