Kirby scam

by Too embarrassed

I had a young man came to my door to demonstrate a Kirby Vacuum. Both my in-laws and my parents had Kirby. I always thought they were awesome but very heavy. I've gone through two vacuums in 2 1/2 years and decided that I didn't want to spend $2000- $3000 on a good vacuum.

After the demonstration and a couple hours of convincing them that I'm not gonna pay that price of over 3500, they came down to around 1200.

Today, I opened the shampooer - which they hastily left for "free" and there were no instructions. I googled Kirby and guess what? They have a local retail store close to me! I was told there should've been a DVD in my box.

Also after watching the YouTube video of how to use the shampooer from the advice of the retail person on the phone, I realized this vacuum is just a little different than what they demonstrated with.

I figured maybe it was an older model or cheaper model. The Kirby shampooer box bottom should have a black bottom with ridges in it in order to keep the rubber on the bottom of the shampooer base level and not pressed down or bent during storage.

I realized that ridge bottom was not in the box. I proceeded to Google Kirby scams. And found this website. I got scammed. I am going to pay off my scam of a Kirby but to those of you who are out there opening your door to strangers, you might want to think twice.

Tell them nicely "no thank you" and close your door.

Then go to the retail store. Ugh!

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