Kirby scam

by joe

Had a lady knock on my door, which has a no solicitors sign on it, saying she would clean a room for free and show a vacuum to us. Being kind people, we let her in.

She went on her babble on how she is going to get her "manager" to give a demonstration. 3 hours later I was impressed and decided to buy it.

The next day I find that I paid 4 times the price! So I cancelled it and contacted the rep, told him I am filing a suit.

I am not one of those who sue everyone people, but we paid a exorbitant amount of money for a machine that you can get on Amazon. They said you can't.

What a scam.

People these days suck and this country is going downhill FAST. Be warned. Just don't get it.

Tell them to leave as it's all BS

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