Kirby scam

by CJ
(Northern California)

I had a friend attempt to sell for Kirby years ago but they didn't pursue it because it was a door-to-door sales job which they decided they didn't like. The hours were long and sales were hard to get because the vacuum was expensive, heavy and tedious to operate.

I've heard lots of things about the sales people being pushy and their selling techniques questionable which is obviously a flaw,and there are also a few sales representatives that don't treat their staff well. As well selling (and cold calling at that) isn't everyone’s cup of tea.

Maybe it doesn't represent a great opportunity for everyone but I don't think it's a scam.

If you're applying for a position, it's common sense that you enquire about whether the job is commission based or what the terms of employment are from the onset (preferably in writing) to ensure that the position is to your liking and satisfactory to your circumstances.

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May 21, 2017
Well done ...
by: Andy A.

I think this is the best posting on Kirby reps and their tactics. Pay attention please people..this Comment is spot on.

May 04, 2013
This is a scam
by: Anonymous

They tell you that you have to demo 30 per week to get a base pay of $400.00. Then they put you in a van full of people and let you out to go door to door to try and make a sale.

You have to work long hours and in the end you don't do the required demos and you get no pay. There are people out there that can't find jobs right now and they are desperate to make money to pay their bills, and you have these companies using the name Kirby Vacuum to scam people into working and if they sell all the money goes in their pockets and the person doing the sale of the machine winds up not getting anything.

They are also selling the machines for more than they are supposed to sell them for. The person that goes up to the door to try and get a demo also tells the people that if they let one of the sales people do a demo for them that the sales person gets paid $50.00 dollars which is a lie.

So if you are in desperate need of a job it would be in your interest to go to fast food because you will put yourself in bankrupt trying to demo these vacuums. It is not the Kirby company it is the people who are using Kirby franchise.

Jun 30, 2012
The Whole Thing Is A Scam!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

This company is a scam to both customers and employees! To employees, they lie about a fixed salary when there is none. They also describe the job in many different fictitious ways when it is actually cold knocking door to door trying to sell Kirby vacuums.

Then they say it only pays pure commission, and then they keep making up excuses not to even pay that. It is 12 hour shifts and 60-72 hour weeks, then getting paid nothing at all!

Those hurting financially and in need of a job will just be hurting a lot worse if they waste all that time without getting paid anything when they could be out applying at a lot of other places and possibly get a legit job during those amount of hours!

If you ever apply for a job that turns out to be with Kirby, leave and never go back!

To customers, they will knock on people's doors, claiming to be doing a free carpet cleaning service when it is really a come on for trying to sell a used Kirby vacuum that they say is brand new, but it's the same one they use in orientations and demos they did at other people's houses.

They also try selling it for $2,000 when the market price is actually $250. That machine also sucks up carpet particles to make it look like the customer's vacuum cleaner left behind a lot more dirt than it really did. The hardest part is getting these people to leave. They will keep trying their hardest to talk around everything you tell them and get real pushy and threatening, not wanting to leave.

A lot of them also do case houses for anything they might want and try to find out when the customer will not be home and if the customer has an alarm system or not, hoping to come back another time to rob the customer's house.

If anybody knocks on your door offering a free cleaning service, tell them to get out of there before you call the police!

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