Kirby scam and wife almost suckered

by Robert Murphy
(Ventura CA)

Beautiful Labor day weekend and I go out to take care of some day business while wife and son stay home. Come home a couple hours later to see a guy as big as a house in our tiny apartment selling my wife on the Kirby all in one package for 2200.00 bucks!

She let this man do his demo and when I arrived ,he realized I was no sucker and my mission was to get him and his supervisor, around the building, out and never to come back. They did not want to leave and kept trying to convince my wife even after I told them it was not going to happen.

They even said they would let it go for 1100.00 bucks for us but only today! After more than a couple of hours and the guys on the outside now of the apartment are not pleased but I had to be stern and continue to say no until they finally hit the road probably cursing about me for my rejecting their sale.

I feel my wife made a mistake to let the dogs come into the apartment but thank God i showed up when I did. There are suckers everywhere but I like to think my family is not one of them,.

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