Kirby Salesperson damaged our bed

by Wendy
(Seattle, WA )

The Kirby salesperson approached our house and offered carpet cleaning in only 1 room for free. She said it would take only 15-20 minutes.

My husband and I agreed and she brought in all her things. It was the longest 15-20 minutes of my life but in reality she was here for over 2 1/2 hours! The absolute worst part was when she was explaining how the Kirby can clean mattresses.

She said she could demonstrate on our mattress. We showed her the mattress in our bedroom and she put the hand-held attachment on it. She turned it on and said, "Oh my god. I think I ruined your mattress. I need some scissors."

I had to cut the Kirby off the mattress as it had suctioned onto the fabric. It left a large rip/shred in our pillow-top King size mattress we had purchased about 6 months ago - our $1,200.00 mattress.

I was so upset and she was so apologetic. I figured her manager could sort this one out. It turns out that he shows up a while after she called him. We showed him the mattress damage and he told her, "You don't put it directly on the mattress but on top of the sheets. I can't believe you did this."

He then proceeded to pitch us a Kirby. No apologies, no attempt to compensate us for the damage. What a jerk. After he left she offered us $200 from her own money to pay for the damage. At least she was trying to settle the matter with us.

Luckily, she left us a card of the owner and try to see what we can work out with him. What a horrible experience!

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Aug 26, 2021
Us too!!
by: Anonymous

This just happened to us. I’m terrified to call our bed company to find out if our warranty is void since there is more damage to our bed!! Pillow top king size is the same we have. He demonstrated on our Childrens bed which were not pillow tops. I tried the pillow top mattress after we bought the Kirby and he left.

To my horror it’s sucked threads of our bed up in it before I could ever turn it off! I’m sick to my stomach over the whole thing. I told them I’m returning because I’m afraid to use it now, it could do the same thing too or carpets/expensive rugs?

Jun 18, 2012
cleaning mattress
by: Anonymous

In the Kirby owners manual it clearly states that for mattress cleaning to disengage the belt from the beater brush (turn the knob on the front of the unit)before cleaning the mattress.

May 10, 2012
Don't Let Them In!
by: Anonymous

I had 2 people show up at my door asking to clean our carpet for free becuase a "new" Kirby shop opened in our area and they wanted to get the word out that they do a great job.

Dumb me I let them in. I told them I had to leave in an hour and they said it wouldn't take that long. After THREE hours I had to kick them out.

The salesman was unkempt, smelly and RUDE! They kept calling their supervisor to try and drop the price and work out payment plans with me. I told them it was way too expensive several times and they wouldn't take NO for an answer.

The final straw for me was when they said I was a bad mother for not buying one and letting our son play on flithy carpet becuase our Hoover vacuum was not good enough.

That was it for me and I kicked them out! $2000 for a vacuum is so ridiculous. Do not let these people in your house!

I will never buy a Kirby becuse of this experience!

Jan 28, 2012
by: Disgusting Stories

I know a woman who could not get the Kirby salesmen to leave and it was frightening...another person had to call 911 to get them not open your door or agree to anything.

Jan 08, 2012
Don't let them in....
by: Anonymous

The Kirby crew invaded our neighborhood the other night. I got him out in a half hour thanks to my misbehaving child.

It's funny the supervisor told the girl she was supposed to do the demonstration on the sheets and not the mattress. The same salesman that came to my house ruined my neighbors organic cotton sheets.

Big hole! Then he told her husband he lives in a shelter. I asked for a business card and was told they don't have them because people never call back.

I can't believe I let these people in my house!!!!

Aug 14, 2011
Attorney General
by: Anonymous

Contact the attorney generals office because they will get them to make it all right. Just keep all your paperwork to show that the Kirby people were at your house. Hope this helps you

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