Kirby Salesman- Horrible experience

by Jesse T
(Puyallup, WA)

I am south of Seattle, WA and had a young man come to the door offering a free carpet cleaning and demo that would last 15 minutes. Fastforward real fast...3 hours later my wife and I are yelling at them to get out and they are calling us names.

After a 20 minute demo that entailed him pretty much talking trash about dyson. He gave me a price sheet that had three options with pricing that vaired from $2800-$3800. He kept on doing the same demo over and over and then tried barging into our bedroom to demo on my mattress. I litteraly had to grab him by the arm to keep him out.

He then kept trying to clean my tv and anything else he could find...stalling like crazy. Pretty sure he was trying to annoy me so much and waste so much time that I would just buy one. By the end the price had literally dropped by $2600! From #3800 to $1200.

My wife wasn't home at the start and I told him she would need to see the product too. He responded with "oh so you have to ask your wife's permission on everything" This was just a few minutes after he told me he was a 21 year old college dropout who had moved back in with his mom. Now he took this great opportunity as a door to door vacuum salesman. Wow.

They were pushy, they were liars, and when I asked them for a business card and company address, they changed the subject and said they didnt have it on them right then. I asked them for a customer reference..again changed the subject. I asked them for a copy of the warranty...nope, couldnt produce that either.

If they come to the door, just politely tell them no thanks and shut the door.

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