Kirby rep just spent 2 hours in my house

by Anonymous

Reading all these reviews and comments about these people, I don’t feel so bad, as I was not mistreated or abused in any way.

Having said that, when the rep approached me as I was working on my car in my garage, my good heart did not allow me to turn him away. I foolishly accepted his offer to come in and clean one of my rooms carpets, but only after letting him know what time the wife would be home, so she could see it.

Later, when she was home, he returned alone, brought his equipment, assembled and gave a great demo. His “manager” or “boss” did stop by every now and then, but only after he “checked” his phone, or said he “forgot a part”. He spent a good 2 hours, only in my empty living room. Even though I think it’s a great product, I was very stern about not purchasing it, given that his first offer was $2750. At the end of the demo, we ended up at a very affordable $1300 with monthly installments of $89. I still said no. I don’t think I have these guys too much personal info, but please be aware, because this whole thing seemed fishy to me from the beginning.

My gun was on my hip, like it always is, and a few choice words about my employment with the military got the point across, that I’m not to be messed with, but I get this eerie feeling that they were feeling up neighborhoods and scaling houses for later burglary attempts.

Please be aware of your decisions.

I hope they do come back, just so I can have them meet my .45 face to face.

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