kirby NOT a scam, great rewards for working hard

by lee hooper
(swanse uk)

I worked for Kirby in swansea UK for 5 years and ended up having my own branch. Yeah sure you do have to be a bit underhanded to get into people's houses but I honestly believe it's for there own good.

The Kirby is the best machine in the world without doubt, I have two in my workshop that I use daily for sucking up woodworking dust and they are both 32 years old. I have a g5 in my house from 96 that is also going strong and never been serviced despite using it for carpet cleaning business for two years.

I won many holidays with Kirby including, marbella, Portugal, New York, Florida. Cleveland Ohio where we visited the Kirby factory. I also gave a few holidays away as a distributor.

The Kirby will sell itself if you get in front of the right people, 1 in 3 was about right for a sale.

If you have a Kirby office near you go and work for them for 6 months at least but don't just give it a try.

Go work your socks off , listen to all experienced sales staff and you will make really good money.

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Dec 05, 2016
by: Anonymous

This "branch owner" just about summed it up. He freely admits he uses underhanded methods to make money and sees nothing wrong with it.

Sounds like a scammer to me!

Mar 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

This is the most obvious scam i think i have EVER heard... The company as a whole doesn't pay you unless you sell the item...and even then they are shady as hell about if you get what was promised to you or not.

There are no ACTUAL "holiday give aways" just rumors... I've worked for kirby..and i can tell you now from the individual that comes up promising a free the the "supervisor"..they're all FAKE AS HELL

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