Kirby is a scam

by clifford hadley
(white city, oregon)

A guy shows up at the door with a bottle of dish soap and a woman squeezes in to start to unpack the vacuum. Now we said no serveral times but they continue and they were in my home 6 hr over 11 pm at nigh.

We were asked a question if we were going to buy which would we prefer shampoo or vacuum. A trick question on top of that they took my vacumn that i had bought less then a month ago. I called the next day and tried to cancel. I cannot afford $2000 vacuum. I think they target the retires which is all that lives on our street. They have the banking information or I would cancel out but we have a few things that come out and it would be difficult to get those to another account within the peorid of time that would need to be changed and that is the only way to cancel is to cancel the account out and start another.

I want them to come and get this machine and give me my vacuum back and cancel my banking information out

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