Don't get fooled by this company and their distributor. At first they will offer you free cleaning and will convince you of buying the unit, telling you a lot of stories how magically the product works and then will not leave your place even if they will stay the whole day of their shift.

I don't know how it calls but we have native term on their tactics - it's called BUDOL-BUDOL, as if something will happen to you that you honestly don't know how it happened, they were able to let you sign off their STUPID CONTRACT! Mind you, there is such a term that applied "NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE" even if you are covered with the RETURN POLICY as a consumer, and they will still insist that no it's an electric item, hence you cannot return it once you signed the contract.

So to cut the story short, I was fooled (unfortunately) and lured with their strategies - Thanks to ROD, I hope you have a good life now as I know you fooled a lot of your fellows. I have tried to return it on the 2nd day after I finally realized that it was a stupid decision but then they refused it, so it ended with me to issue the cheques.

When I lost my job I have tried to explain everything to them and will not be able to continue the contract so I wanna cancel it, but they are really into money, they said you cannot cancel the contract or if you want you have to pay AED 4000 Dhs and will lose every single penny that you have paid. (!?!!!!).

Now I am penalized for paying it and have asked for some consideration of installment payment and even if they agreed they will still cash your chq, plus the unit is in their possession (SMART huh?)

So please don't be fooled liked me, I am already cursing the day when the guy knocked on my door. DON'T EVER ALLOW ANYONE TO COME IN YOUR PLACE OFFERING YOU A FREE CARPET CLEANING OR YOU WILL END UP WITH THE SAME SCENARIO AS I DID, or as We ARE, to those who had experience the marketing techniques of this company. In fact, this should be banned here in UAE.

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