Kirby company reads the obituaries every day!!!

by Richard Wetmore
(North Branford, Conn.)

A week after my father died this company called my newly widowed mother to set up free carpet cleaning.

Unbeknown to me, my grief striken mother allowed this pushy nineteen year old salesgirl into her house who showed up with a sympathy card and small flower arrangement and presented it to my newly widowed mother.

After her demonstration I was told she was looking at family pictures on the mantle and said she went to school with one of the girls in a picture which was BS because the girl in the picture had died before she went to highschool?

The next day when I found out that they sold a Kirby to my mother and took her 2 vacuums with them, I called the company maybe 50 times to get them to take it back and they never returned my phone calls.

My mother only weighs 95 pounds and lives in a three story colonial and could never lug that heavy machine up and down the stairs.

This company should never be allowed to stay in business and treat elderly people with their horrible sales tactics. And then one year to the day these scum called my mother again to clean her carpets and to purchase a new Kirby and trade the 1 year old one in for credit!

I would love to find out where the office is and throw this piece of rubbish through their window. BUT I WONT because i would be arrested unlike them who get away with this scam every damn day.

HEY KIRBY PRES.CALL ME AT 203 488-3122 Rich Wetmore

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