Kirby almost made my mother get something she could not afford

by Ann

It was about noon when a lady came to our door, offering my mother a "free vacuum cleaning" of our carpet. When I asked why they are offering this service, she just said that they want to get more customers by referring them to our friends.

At that moment, I remembered that it wasn't the first time these people came to our house. They've been to our house months ago to offer the same service but I declined. This time, my mother insisted she wanted this free service.

I wanted to tell the lady to leave and that we were not interested but my mother already showed her the area of the house she wanted to be cleaned and that one of the workers will be coming any minute now. Not even a minute has passed, a girl and a man came with an equipment.

The man introduced himself as their boss and looked pleasant. After that, the lady and the man left and said they will be back. The free vacuum service became a demonstration of the vacuum. When I asked how much that vacuum costs, I was so shocked to hear that it is $3500.

I told her no, we are not getting it, we cannot afford it, and that if she sells it for $50 then I will get it. She laughed and said that she will only probably give an arm and a leg of the unit. After that, she tried to talk me out of payments which she even wrote on a sheet of filter she used on her demo.

She then makes a call to her "boss" to come over. In the back of my head, I said to
myself that I didn't need numbers to be written down for me to analyze how much that vacuum will cost me. Breaking it down in payments will not change the fact that I will not have money for it.

I said no, we are not getting it. She then said she will finish the carpet in 15 minutes. I told my mother and brother not to get anything and make her hurry up because my aunt will be arriving soon. I told them that I will have to take a nap with my daughter.

I left my mother and my brother downstairs while the carpet is being cleaned. When I came back from a nap, I could hear the same voice of the "boss" still downstairs after an hour. It is almost 5pm. I came down to see what was going on. I asked my brother what the heck was he signing.

He said that he got the vacuum for $1200. I said WHY??? He said because they lowered the payment. I could not control my anger. I told my mother and brother to think before signing anything. I told the boss that we are not getting that vacuum and we want the signed check and signed forms back.

I told the boss that he is dealing with a 75 year old woman who could barely afford her expenses and also dealing with my brother who is under rehabilitation for brain injury. I told him to leave which I should've done even before they brought that piece of shit inside the house.

I told him he was not legit and it was a scam.

The man suddenly changed his behavior from being pleasant to an unprofessional employee.

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