Kings Fred ExxonMobil Ukraine

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Kings Fred is on Scrabble GO and when he succeeds gets you to Hangouts without saying anything about himself. You start from scratch. Him wanting to ask and tell what he chooses of his story of love;

Him: I lost my wife dyeing a car accident while coming back from a tv show with my son and they ran into an accident but my son survive and my wife died

Him: Do you really believe that you can possibly find that special man you would like to spend the rest of your life with someday?

Me: I don’t think about it as I’ve never been happier

Him: yes i believe i can find that woman that i will spend my life with because everything is possible.

Him: Without doubt do you really believe that people find their soul mate through online?

Him: ????

Insert picture of his dog Billy

Him: This is my dog Billy Billy changes a lot and is Lexi a few days later

Him: What have you experienced on online dating?

Me: I don't use online dating

Him: Oh really

Him: Have you dated online before?

Me: No

Me: Why do you call this dating? We met on a game

Him: Oh sure I know

Him: Am only asking if you have dated online before?

Me: No I've not

Edit: They all think if you're online then you are dating. This is him on making money.

Him: Am actually working as a petroleum geologists and also do have a side business Amazon shipping

Me: What kind of shipping is that?

Him: It’s an Amazon shipping

Me: What do you ship?

Him: I do other products for customers through online and deliver it to their house address

Edit: They are using the scripted questions at the same time. Then one day he says he has a contract;

Him: Will be having a contract meeting tomorrow

Me: Okay. What would that be about?

Him: Not really am working on the paperwork and documents of the contract

Me: Who would the contract be with?

Him: I’m hoping and praying I got it because it’s a huge amount of contract

Him: It’s a contract I will go for 4months before getting retired?

Me: Okay and who would the contract be with?

Him: It’s me and a company called Exxon Mobil company

Me: Ooh you have a contract with Exxon? Where will that be?

Him: Don’t know yet till I’m done with the paperwork and meetings

Me: Okay

Edit: This is a week or so and you're just told he is leaving for the Ukraine.

Him: I will text you when I get to Ukraine


Him: Oh sorry,I lost all my documents and credentials at the airport including my credit card and my luggages

Him: I'm really sad right now


Him: I really need a help from you

Me: Okay

Him: So I can start working

Me: Okay. So you can't access your online account?


Me: How odd, it should let you

Him: I will need $400 steam card to access it

Me: Which bank makes you do that?

Him: I'm going to pay you back as soon I as fix it

Him: That is the only way I can access it here, because am in another country

Me: Okay, you work with Exxon right?

Him: Please just try and help me, I will pay back

Him: Yes

Edit: So a loan but he isn't calling it one. He is persistent and pushes my alias to go to the store and buy his cards even when told no.

Him: Not all the card you get online works, please you need to help me and go to the store to get it.

Me: Okay your dog. First it was Billy then Lexi and you sent me pictures of 2 different dogs. How does that work?

Him: It's a few minutes drive, I'm going to pay back once I fix it

Him: I have two dogs

Him: Please I really need your help

Me: No. Twice you said you have one dog

Him: Yes,I told you I have one dog because I gave my son the Billy why Lexi is still with me

Him: Please try and understand me

Me: What I'm not understanding is why your pictures have different names than yours

Him: No

Him: Try and drive to the store,so I can fix it and send you back your money

Him: Are you going to the store now?

Me: No I'm not. going to any store and I'm not sending you gift cards.

Him: I'm going to pay back once I fix it. please don't let me down I really need to start working

Me: No. You'll ask for more, again and again.

Him: No, I'm not going to need more it's only $400.

Him: So I can get it fixed.please you have to trust me

Me: You don't know the name of your dog and your pictures have many names.

Him: That my dogs name, you need to believe me .

Me: Now your dog has 2 names and 2 different coats of fur?

Him: The dogs are two,I gave one to my son which is Billy and Lexi stay with me

Me: No

Me: Why do your pictures have different names?

Him: No,I'm the only one using my pic

Him: Why would my picture have different names?

Him: You need to understand me

Him: Are you here?

Him: What are you doing?

Him: Please try and drive to the store and get the card so I can fix my account and send you back your money

Him: Hello,are you at the store now?

Him: Where are you right now?

Edit: A Nigerian gift card scam. He wants my alias to go to the store and buy him the cards. All the red flags are there. How does losing his cards not allow him online banking access.

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