Kevin Scott Dolphin Drilling Oil Engineer in Poland

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Kevin Scott is on Scrabble GO and asks to go to Hangouts. He says he is from Indiana but now a resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In his words below;

Him: I currently live in Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA presently but I do work for the Dolphin Drilling Company in Slochteren in Groningen province in the Northeastern part of Poland. I have been in Poland working as a Mechanical Engineer, and I am also an Independent Contractor. I do drilling of crude oil and welding of broken pipes under the water, I have been on my field for about 25 years now. It keeps me busy. I have also been to several countries through my job........

Edit as our discussion progresses and my alias tells "her" story. He asks about online "dating" and previous relationships. Then his tale of misfortune,

Him: I am widowed. I lost my wife 6 years ago and she died of brain Cancer. She was originally from Lithuania. I met her in Finland when I had a contract with one of the companies. She came for a vacation there, we met and started dating after, I took her down to Spain and later move back to the States, we got married and she gave me our lovely kids after many years..

Him: I was born in Indiana but when I was few years of age, my mother took me down to Spain. She was originally from Spain and I lived with her for years. Also I schooled in Spain and Germany. I lived most of my life in Europe and also I got my Master degree in Saudi Arabia., I do live in the States because my father is originally from the States. Both of my parents were wonderful people in my life. I do visit Spain once in a while now, being I have a house there and I love the country....

Edit: Okay he uses the plural for kids, he has two. On we go for a few days and whoever it is they are quietly phishing my alias on wealth, property ownership, cars etc. They are also trying hard for love but not getting any from my alias. We exchange small talk for 4 days, of note he only mentions a daughter then on the 5th day;

Me: Hello

Him: How are you doing

Me: I am well thanks and you?

Him: Not fine,am kind of having some issues

Me: What is wrong?

Him: My daughter she is sick and I don’t have much to take care of her

Oh no! What is wrong with her?

Him: He had an accident my dear

Him: Babe please can you help me with some assistance

Edit: There you have it. In two texts he can't say if it is a son or a daughter

Me: No that sounds terrible. How can I help?

Him: Baby some financial assistance

Edit: Snip some negotiation talk

Him: I need some money,will you help me

Me: But how do I pay? I guess you have a bank account

Him: Yes I do my dear but you will just send the money to the manager account in the hospital,so will you help me

Edit: I've no account in my name the definition of a scam

Me: Which hospital?

Him: In the United States

Edit: Seriously? Any parent with a hospitalised child would be able to name the hospital

Him: Should I send you the information so you will do a wire transfer

Me: Can't I do an online bank transfer?

Him: Yes you can so online wire transfer

Edit: See that? He wants a wire transfer, me a bank account. More negotiation snipped

Me: Okay but you have to send me the bank account details please

Him: Account name::Levenia A B***

Him: Account number::5967118***

Him: Bank name::Wells Fargo

Him: Routing number::111900***

Him: Beneficiary’s address::House ***** Donegal way Houston, Texas 77047

Him: Bank address::10116 Broadway Street Pearland, TX 77587

Him: Swift Code::WFBIU***

Him: This is the information. So babe how much will you send

Me: I thought you'd know. I mean US hospital care isn't cheap

Him: Yes my dear,any amount you can send please

Me: How much are the medical fee's?

Him: About $5,000 but whatever you have just help me my princess

Me: Yes I am here so USD 5000 to the Wells Fargo account you gave?

Him: Please when you send it just give me a prove of sending

Me: Like a screenshot? Is that what you mean?

Him: Yes

Edit all done. It is seen elsewhere on this site how children are used in a two pronged approach by organised criminals in an oil rig scam. If I paid, next would be more requests for medical expenses in addition to developing problems with his work.

Of note: When a child is sick and thousands of dollars are being asked for. They can't name the hospital. In this case they say son then daughter. It is also fair to say any parent with a sick child in hospital would know a ballpark figure for the medical expenses.

Email in use:

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Jun 23, 2022
Austin Speed
by: Anonymous

Used the same text as Kevin Scott, just changed their name to Austin Speed and some place names of where he is from, the wife died 3 years ago, and changed the medical condition that the wife died from.

Everything else is almost word for word the same.

Tried to to turn the scam onto them, and they played dumb.

They know what pet the real Austin Speed even has.

Even the Instagram page looks legit, @austinspeed64

Check it out.

May 01, 2022
Byron Wellngton
by: Anonymous

Talking to him on hangout and he's using the name Byron Wellington. No children, "dervoiced" (his word for divorce) 4 yrs ago.

Monday making a donation to an orphanage and want to know how much I can send which he will donate for me. I told him I have no money so no I will not donate - he worked it a few times and I told him the same and finally told him I dislike all this asking how much I'm donating.

"Currently in the Gulf of Mexico I work offshore" Get this line I was fed after my telling him no $s from me...

"Okay I need a loving and caring woman by my side that will be honest and ready to share everything with me and I also I'm ready to share my property and everything I have with her
Can you do that?"

Guess I was just proposed to? ROFL

Dec 22, 2020
This Really Is Chuks Osagie
by: Biggles777


I didn't stop and kept at it. This is the real Nigerian behind the "Kevin Scott" scam. I've edited to cover alias;

Him: Okay

Him: Am from Africa

Him: I'm 30 years old living in Africa

Me: (Edit)

Him: My names are chuks osagie

Him: I have a son 2 years old

Him: That’s why am asking you if you are on WhatsApp

Me: (Edit)

Him: Baby are you there


Account number..6232946472
Account name..chuks osagie bank.
Swift code..FIDTNGLA
Sort code..070240719

Me: Ok, send yout WhatsApp number please

Him: 09030483637


Me: 070240719 WARRI 2

Me: Right?

Him: Yes


Him: I’m scared now that you have my information,hope am save.I’m very honest with you and I trust you please don’t let me down

Me: There has never been any trust here

It looks good but never trust them. His number is iffy, bank account real. I believe he has a 2 year old son and edited references out. I also believe 1 of the images he sent to be really of him.

Dec 21, 2020
Keep it Simple They Will Fail
by: Biggles777


I kept the discussion going. I said I's pay $5000 then before the "receipt" I ask which hospital so I can send flowers and balloons.

Remember, they've said their daughter is sick and called her a he.

Me: Name the hospital please

Him: Texas children hospital

Him: Baby please help me,have been waiting to hear from you

Me: This one?

Me: 6330 West Loop South, Suite 300, Bellaire, TX 77401

Him: yes

Me: Great! Thanks, give me a few minutes. I'm going to have flowers and balloons sent to Diana's room

Him: Baby she doesn’t need flowers or balloons play

Him: They need money,send the money to the information I gave you

Me: Just let me send these then I'll send the money. Don't you think Diana will be happy with some decorations in a lonely hospital room?

Him: Baby she can’t see them and it’s a private hospital they won’t allow it okay

Him: Baby just send the money okay am waiting,it won’t take you 10 minutes to do an online transfer

Him: Please send the money

Me: Oh my! Diana Scott right?

Him: Yes babe

Him: What’s going on

Him: Baby are you there

Me: I called to arrange the flowers and balloons.

Me: There is no Diana Scott at that hospital.

Him: Why did you say that

Him: How did you know that

Me: I called the hospital to arrange flowers and balloons. They know nothing of her, there is no one by that name there.

Me: Here call them

Me: 713-322-3154

Him: Baby that’s not true

Him: If you don’t want to help me just let me know

Me: What is wrong with sending Diana a gift too?

Him: What she needs is not gift

Him: Send the money so she can get better

Me: That is just it. She is not at the hostptal you said

Him: My daughter is there

Me: Call them and ask. They don't know a Diana Scott

That put a stop to it. The most simple questions and they've no answer as all they are doing is telling you lies.

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