Kenneth Kaye Binary Broker Scam

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


Kenneth Kaye is on Scrabble GO and just wants to get you onto Hangouts. He claims to be a doctor in Afghanistan with a 14 year old daughter. This is not Jimmy Steve/Jimmy Habert but their straight to love approach is similar.

He claims he works for the Amiri Medical Complex which does exist. They only want love and don't answer questions. Over a little time that lead to the exchange with my alias below;

Me:Ok is not an answer. Who are you a doctor with?

Him: I have transferred

Him: So you look so beautiful

Me: That's not an employer

Me: So, you don't know who you work for?

Him: Amiri Medical Complex

Me: Okay. Who are they?

Him: they are the people that work in the hospital with me

Him: And you

Me: You don't listen either? I told you

Edit: The loving emoji and GIF are removed, there are quite a few.

Him: Okay let us Just forget about this please

Him: Do you have kids?

Me: Why would I forget about wanting to know about someone I met?

Him: Because I am working any other company Las with that is way please

Me: What nationality are you again?

Him: I working in the company of

Him: This

Edit: Remove video of monitor's with Bitcoin prices and news. This discussion is out of sync as neither of us are answering each other

Me: So you're a financial trader?

Him: Yes this is what I am doing now

Me: You do know the difference?

Him: It could binary

Me: So you like binary trading and options?

Him: It is ok

Him: Forget about that

Me: No

Him: So what are you doing now

Me: Tell me about trading

Me: Tell me about binary

Him: is a very nice company

Him: is company that help those who don't work

Me: The binary trading company or that medical lot you say you're a doctor with in Kabul?

Him: I was drop that is why but I am working in a little company now So I won't to put that in the past please

Him: binary trading is very nice

Me: Just now you've said you do two things. Doctor in Kabul and binary trader

Me: Which is it?

Him: you can love it people invest for their child church children anybody else

Him: It's binary

Me: Why is your English so poor? Which binary company?

Edit: They go quiet and then send a cut and paste explaining binary very similar to Wikipedia and more frequently found on crypto information sites. His cut and paste ends as follows;

Him: when i first saw you,i was afraid to meet you. when i met you. i was afraid to like you. when i liked you, i was afraid to love. now that I Love You ♡, im afraid to loose you..

Me: No you don't love me and you'll never get any love from me.

Snip: remove pictures and ever increasing GIF

Me: Do you understand the difference between being a doctor inKabul and what you just said?

Him: Ok

Him: But why

Me: You really don't understand, do you?

Him: Ok


Him: (Snip) 15 lines of love

Me: Put a sock in your book of love. I've none for you

Him: You and Only You....You are my everything and I Love You ♡ for all that I am

Me: You don't listen either?

Him: Ok

Edit: Later that day and they want to phish but I respond with questions;

Me: Why the questions?

Him: Okay

Me: Which are you, a doctor or a binary trader?

Him: Yes a binary

Him: Can I ask you a question please

Me: Okay so you're not a doctor in Kabul?

Him: No I'm a binary trader now

Him: Okay

Him: Are you ready to go into a relationship full with love , respect, happiness and understanding

Me: Not with someone who won't answer the most simple questions and can't say where he is.

Him: Yes I know but major concern is that are you happy

Me: Then why can't or won't you answer my questions?

Him: I am 69 years old but I want you to know that age is just a number what matters is love, trust and respect

Him: All I need from you right now is for you to be happy

Me: You said it so it must be true

Me: I'm out with friends and maybe you can tell me where you live later.

Edit: While offline they send video and images. Lengthy love texts, GIF and emoji. A few hours later.

Me: Instant love won't cut it

Him: Why

Me: I'm not looking for love

Him: Ok but Is just a friend

Edit: Remove more videos and images, they speak about who they are;

Him: I am from United States of America Dallas Texas

Him: Right now I am in Afghanistan for a contract

Him: I am in charge of yacht sailing office here in Afghanistan

Him: Alright when you are less busy you send me message okay

Me: What do you do managing a yacht club in Afghanistan?

Him: I trading there now

Him: Work can not take me away from you

Him: Work can not take me away from you because I know what my heart wants

Me: What contract would you be on at a yacht club in Afghanistan?

Him: Binary trading okay

Him: With all my heart and soul yes I genuinely mean it

Me: Are you sure about that?

Him: Yes

Him: All I need from you now is for you to open your heart and accept me as your happiness

Him: Are you ready to accept me into your life as your happiness?

Edit and snip: They've only the love and more images and emoji. They're very good at not answering;

Me: So, you're not in Afghanistan?

Him: Yes

Me: Yes, you are not there?

Him: Yes

Him: Send me your picture

Me: You've got to be kidding? You still can't answer me

Him: Yes in Afghanistan now my brother is in Afghanistan I went to see my brother in Afghanistan okay

Him: Sorry for the confusion

Me: You visited your brother in Afghanistan and are back now?

Him: Yes

Edit and snip

Me: So I guess all this is cause you want to be my broker?

Him: Yes please

Him: Send me some of picture

Edit: They went straight back to love. Some of the above is amusing and last I read from them was;

Him: I Love you so much I just can't wait to wake up next to you my friend

Me: That is not happening, ever. Do you hear?

Edit: Still talkingand will update if needed. They made a couple of videos full of love which are now shared on the Biggles777 YouTube channel. Email in use:

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